3D Printed Chess Set Where Pieces Are Tiny Planters

Published 9 years ago

Unfortunately, playing chess with living people is somewhat frowned upon. But you can live out your sadistic control fantasies with these 3D printed chess pieces. It’s a Bauhaus- inspired set, where individual pieces also double as planters. So seed some of your favorite greens, and fight your enemy. Imagine it’s a saga of Ent civil war that was lost to Silmarillion.

The MicroPlanter chess set was designed by XYZ Workshop, a husband and wife team of Kae Woei Lim and Elena Low. The design won the 2013 My Mini Factory Chess and Pen Design Competition, which is great considering the creative, 3D printed stuff that competed against them!

More info: xyzworkshop.com | myminifactory.com | facebook | twitter | instagram | etsy (h/t: laughingsquid)

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Here’s 3D Preview Of The Chess Set:

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