25 Things Many People Admit They Engage In Just To Fit In

Published 3 weeks ago

Many of us have encountered situations where people pretend to enjoy certain activities just to fit in or avoid social awkwardness. According to a recent discussion on Reddit, there are several common examples. For instance, many admit they don’t truly enjoy small talk at parties but engage in it to avoid seeming rude or disinterested. 

Recently, a lively discussion unfolded on Reddit, when a user asked others to share activities that many people pretend to enjoy but secretly dislike. This thread revealed some surprising and relatable confessions. These admissions highlight how social dynamics can often lead people to feign enthusiasm for things they don’t actually like, all in the name of acceptance and conformity.

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#1 Happy birthday song at a restaurant.

Image source: TomboySkirt, Le Salama Marrakech / Unsplash

#2 New years in times square.

Image source: The_Real_Flatmeat, Bill Larkin / Flickr

#3 Cruises. You spend how much money to be cooped on a boat with 3,000 strangers, for how long?

Image source: CoffeeAndBrass, Matthew Barra / Pexels

#4 Strip clubs. F*****g gross, man.

Image source: deniall83

#5 Anywhere with deafening loud music. I don’t get the appeal of concerts and clubs. Can’t even chat a person up.

Image source: Any-East7977

#6 Networking and making sure you know people that know people. Job politics etc. Can I just get a job based off experience and not who I know ?

Image source: Delightful_Dratini, Christina Morillo / Pexels

#7 Hearing about people’s kids.

Image source: Apsylioin, Trung Thanh / Unsplash

#8 Going to hot, overly crowded bars, paying $12 for a beer with the music too loud on s****y speakers.

Image source: grxthy

#9 Sex on the beach–way too sandy. Sex in the shower or underwater. Never enough natural lube!

Image source: Sauterneandbleu

#10 Hanging out with the parents of your child’s friend.

Image source: despenser412, Kelsey Chance / Unsplash

#11 Office get togethers.

Image source: lamabaronvonawesome, RDNE Stock project / Pexels

#12 Golf.

Image source: Dexember69, Steve Momot / Pexels

I would literally rather s**t in my hands and clap than walk around in the sun hitting a ball.

Now, everyone I’ve said that to in RL says ‘but U drink heaps of beer!” Well I tell them I can drink beer at home where it’s cheaper and doesn’t require driving a buggy and walking around.

#13 Attenting baby showers… and gender reveal parties.

Image source: Bright_Second1817

#14 LinkedIn.

Image source: tmpkn, Souvik Banerjee / Unsplash

#15 Going to a parade.  Just standing there looking at mostly-uninteresting stuff walk by, and your feet hurt and there’s nowhere to pee.  I hate them.

Image source: derberter, Beth Macdonald / Unsplash

#16 Watching NASCAR. I don’t know how anyone can sit there and watch those cars go around and around for hours.

Image source: leg00b, Alfred GF / Pexels

#17 Twitter. The site is full of bots and rageaholics. The UI is frustrating at best. Having a “discussion” in tweet form is tedious as hell. How many hot takes do you really need to satisfy yourself before it’s overkill?

Image source: soingee, Brett Jordan / Unsplash

#18 Social networking.

Image source: NoticeCareful6056, Pavel Danilyuk / Pexels

#19 Watching the 10 million videos someone posts on Snapchat from a concert.

Image source: Bright-Yak747, Alejandro Ortiz / Unsplash

#20 Exercising. I f*****g despise it. Feeling hot, sweaty, aching, nauseous. Oh yeah, let’s do this every day!

Image source: This_Concentrate2721

#21 Smoking cigarettes. Pretty much every smoker I’ve ever known wants to stop doing it and would prefer to never have started in the first place.

Image source: Necro_Badger, Jaroslav Devia / Unsplash

#22 Going to church.

Image source: Background-Ad5609

#23 I do not understand runners, especially people that run marathons, 5ks, etc. purely for “fun”.

Image source: CatherineConstance, Miguel A Amutio / Unsplash

#24 Those people that claim to be able to taste things in wine like sea air and a hint of lemons from a specific tree. P**s off with that s**te.

Image source: ZeeZeeNei, Douglas Lopez / Unsplash

#25 Family Gatherings.

Image source: cantsleepconfused, Askar Abayev / Pexels

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