25 Opinions On Actors That Have Trouble Portraying On-Screen Chemistry

Published 5 months ago

When it comes to movies, as the viewers we tend to get sucked in by the relationship dynamics of the characters played by the actors. When the chemistry is strong, we as the audience can feel that literal sizzle and it beguiles us into watching more and even intensely lobbying for our favourite couples to end up together. 

However, not all actors are able to create that spark with their co-stars. One particular discussion initiated by u/trpclshrk on the r/movies online community saw Netizens sharing their personal thoughts on which famous actors failed to create chemistry with their on-screen partners despite being immensely talented otherwise. Scroll to read a few of the opinions which we’ve shared in the gallery below.

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Image credits: trpclshrk

#1 Daniel Radcliffe and any of the girls in the Harry Potter movies. Some of jlaw and peetas movies.

Image source: No-Victory-94, Warner Bros

Lem JohnsonI’ll never forgive them for what a wetwipe they turned Ginny Weasley into in the films.

#2 Keanu Reeves has zero chemistry with romantic co-stars. I said it.

Image source: chibbledibs, Warner Bros

LamaI totally believed in Keanu and Sandra in the first Speed. And they even admitted later that they both had a crush on eachother, can totally see it.

#3 Tom Cruise was the first person I thought off.

Image source: BookerTea3, Sony Pictures

I like his performance, but I am very aware that he is an actor, he just doesn’t seem genuine. And his intensity comes into play. I am very conscious that he is pretending to be what he thinks a good dad would be like in ‘War of the Worlds’. In Cocktail, Edge of Tomorrow etc, I don’t buy his relationships. I think this may be a reason, why there was no relationship between him and Demi Moore in ‘A Few Good Men’, I just don’t think he can pull it off. Tbf, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes always looked a bit ‘captive’ in their relationships with him.

#4 Jerry Seinfeld

Image source: darkandtwistysissy, Sony Pictures

Jessica SpeLangmI never understood the appeal of him. I don’t find him to be funny or interesting or anything. He’s simply a boring person, IMHO.

#5 Chris Pratt. He seems dead inside to me since Guardians 2. He also has super limited range and if it’s not comically over the top sillyness, it just feels wooden.

Image source: idejmcd, Disney

DrBronxxAgreed. Something about him changed in the last few years. He just isn’t a compelling presence anymore.

#6 You mean like Kristen Stewart always having a look on her face like everyone else smells like s**t and she can’t wait to be somewhere else?

Image source: RebelDuke666, Lionsgate

#7 Jennifer Lopez maybe? Emma Watson

Image source: Visible_Writing7386, Amazon Studios

#8 Katherine Heigl.

Image source: LucyRiversinker, Sony Pictures

#9 Nicolas Cage. He is beyond this world, only he exist in his reality, which is a good reality, and entertaining to watch.

Image source: VonDinky, Disney

#10 Denise Richards, specifically The World Is Not Enough and Starship Troopers.

Image source: throway_nonjw, MGM Studios

whineygingercatAfter being married to Chadlie Sheen, it’s not hard to see why. He’s a parasite that sucks people dry of all emotions

#11 The Rock. Extremely charismatic guy but zero romantic/sexual chemistry with any leading women. He does have good platonic chemistry with other co-stars though.

Image source: itsjennybeckman, Disney

TheGoodBoiJust sort of seems like that good friend that will come in and save the day. Give a friendly hug/handshake and ride off into the sunset to go eat pancakes. Imo any movie he’s in is pretty good, because of him lol.

#12 Gal Gadot incredibly wooden whoever she is acting with.

Image source: No_Adagio_980, Warner Bros

#13 J Lo…ugh.

Image source: vbcbandr, Universal Pictures

#14 Beyoncé whenever she tries to act. Maybe she had decent chemistry with Jennifer Hudson and Anika Noni Rose as well as Adrian Brody in Cadillac Records? That’s about it…

Image source: mranimal2, Paramount Pictures

#15 Cate Blanchett sometimes. It makes sense when she’s cast for a more powerful, aloof or icy role (she’s wonderful in all). But something like her role in Benjamin Button, her and Brad Pitt had no chemistry.

Image source: TacoBellWerewolf, Warner Bros

#16 Natalie Portman for me. I like her. She’s a good actress. But if you don’t have chemistry with Thor (among others in her filmography), then I dunno. She just seems like she doesn’t really want to be around any of her male co-stars?

Image source: preferstheaisleseat, Disney

#17 Mark Wahlberg

Image source: Double0six, Universal Pictures

#18 Gal Gadot, Megan Fox, Emma Watson, Cara Delevigne… Charisma black holes, no matter who they are acting with, they are just… there, existing

Image source: beti88, Hulu

Jared RobinsonSo many many amazing voice performances in the new Mortal Kombat 1 from amazing actors, and then you get to megan foxs Nitara and it’s like getting hit in the face with a wet fish.

#19 William Shatner. He was in love with himself. Everyone else was lucky to breathe the same air. ?

Image source: 327thCloneTrooper, Paramount Television

#20 Daniel Craig – 2 x 4 pieces of wood have more emotional connection to people than he shows.

Image source: Greaser_Dude, Universal Pictures

#21 Jada Pinkett always has just seemed fake, to me, and it seems to translate onscreen to her costars.

Image source: ELeerglob, Warner Bros

#22 Maggie Gyllenhaal, specifically in The Dark Knight.

Image source: sarmadness, Warner Bros

JuririnYou should see her in “Secretary” ❤😍❤

#23 If we are talking about romantic chemistry, than Anne Hathaway. Don’t kill me please! She is very good actress with incredible charisma, but to me, she never seems to have a spark with her romatic on-screen partners. Her cast as Catwoman was the weirdest one, as Selina is a character who is supposed to have chemistry with anything bar noble gas.

Image source: MoonlightHarpy, Warner Bros

#24 This might be a weird take, but for me personally it’s Joaquin Phoenix.

Image source: Buhos_En_Pantelones, 20th Century Studio

I think he’s a phenomenal actor, and he basically elevates anything he’s in, but there’s something about him where I see ‘actor-man’ in all his roles. I’m not even sure how to articulate what I’m trying to say. It’s like he takes his role so seriously that he doesn’t consider the person he’s acting across. He’s so focused on his performance that he doesn’t play very well against someone. That’s just my opinion though.

#25 Arnold. I love him, but I’ve never believed him in any of his romantic scenes. His “chemistry” with Sharon Stone in Total Recall is particularly memorable for its hollowness.

Image source: Linsel, Sony Pictures

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