25 Breathtaking Aerial Photographs From Across the Globe, Captured By This British Pilot

Published 7 months ago

The beauty of our planet is something that never ceases to amaze us. The diverse landscapes, stunning natural formations, and bustling cities all offer a unique visual treat from the ground. But what if we could see the world from an entirely new perspective, one that takes us soaring high above, offering a bird’s-eye view of our planet’s splendor? This is exactly what a British pilot has achieved through a stunning collection of aerial photographs.

Lee Mumford, a British pilot, videographer, photographer, and drone pilot, has indeed taken travel photography to new heights – quite literally. Check out some of his splendid shots in the gallery below.

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#1 Barcelona, Spain

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Pedantic Panda : “One of the earliest examples of urban planning, carried out by Ildefons Cerdà. “a strict grid pattern of equally sized blocks. Long, wide streets cut across the blocks in order to facilitate transport and navigation. Additionally, each of the blocks was made into an octagon, with chamfered corners giving the impression that they were ‘cut off’. According to Cerdà, this detail would provide greater air circulation in the streets, higher visibility around corners and would make it possible for trams to easily turn the corners of the blocks. The blocks were also all oriented in a NW-SE direction so as to ensure that each household received enough natural light each day.””

#2 Iceland’s Highland

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Multa Nocte : “The Eye of Sauron after the fall of the tower.”

Sans Serif : “Giant blue pearl still in it’s shell…”

#3 Petra, Jordan: A Wonder Of The World

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Multa Nocte : “This, to me, is one of the most beautiful and magnificent places in the world!”

LokisLilButterknife : “Petra looks absolutely amazing. I have heard tour guides and people who have visited highly recommend getting their early in the day so you have some time to enjoy the stunning views before some of the larger tour groups come.”

#4 Palawan, Philippines

Image source: leemumfordphotography

HanSolo : “Now I want to go there!”

#5 Hong Kong

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Noodles_Elsa (she/her) : “looks a bit like lake Windemere with all the boats”

#6 Thailand

Image source: leemumfordphotography

I agree with you but… : “I need to learn about the geology here. Fascinating.”

Kathy Wilbourne : “Where in Thailand?”

#7 Cornwall

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Hugh Cookson : “Most of the villages are now ghosts of what they were because of wealthy Londoners buying up holiday homes that they only use for a few weeks a year. The cycle is this ; (L = londoner / incomer). L buys house, removes a house for local to occupy, stays for 3 weeks a year, as a consequence, the local shop, pub, dentist and doctor lose trade, hence income. L number 2 and 3 buy houses on the recommendation of L (1), the Dr, Shop, Pub etc lose more trade. This goes on for a few more years with more L’s moving in and now complaining that they don’t have a shop, pub, Dr, etc and complaining even more that they can’t find a cleaner who’s willing to work for slave wages. Personally, I hope they all lose vast amounts of money and f**k off back to London and leave us peasants to rebuild and resist them ever being allowed to buy another rural property again. Failing that, anyone up for rounding them all up over the Christmas weekend and driving them at pitchfork point into the river Tamar ?!!!”

#8 Mývatn, Iceland

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Multa Nocte : “Eeek! It’s a face!”

#9 Dolomites Unesco World Heritage Site, Italy

Image source: leemumfordphotography

HanSolo : “Gorgeous! The person in the yellow jacket is taking in the majestic view…”

#10 Lake Bled, Slovenia

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Multa Nocte : “I LOVE this pic!”

Kelly H. Wilder : “Amazingly beautiful!”

Christopher Palacios-Portillo : “It feels like the water is in a portal that takes you into the fake world”

#11 Barcelona, Spain

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Hugh Cookson : “What a god awful way to live. Apart from the climate and the people, the idea of living in a soulless tower block of flats, regardless of it’s proximity to the sea or anywhere else beautiful, gives me the heebeejeebies. In contrast, my wife has just pointed out that at least it’s better than living on the street !!!”

#12 Utah

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Kelly H. Wilder : “Nature is absolutely stunning! The beauty of islands, mountains, deserts, sunrise/sunset…Mother Nature surrounds us with such magnificence!”

#13 Italy

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Multa Nocte : “What a magical view!”

Kelly H. Wilder : “I think this may be my favorite! 😍”

jjdubs W : “It’s got its own little cloud!”

#14 Lake Bled, Slovenia

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Multa Nocte : “Every time I see a photo of this place I am amazed because I have never seen a bad photo of this place. This, however, is an exceptionally beautiful shot.”

#15 Slovenia

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Multa Nocte : “I’d love to visit there!”

The Original Bruno : “Is that tree in front wearing sneakers?”

#16 Hallstatt, Austria

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Petra Schaap : “we accidentally found this while on a camping trip 20 years ago. We didnt believe our eyes! Also had a very hard time trying to pin down our tent on the rocks on their only campsite.”

#17 Iceland

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Sans Serif : “Chocolate Sundae (cherry eaten)…”

Multa Nocte : “This gives me a chocolate Oreos cookie feeling.”

#18 Istanbul, Turkey

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Kelly H. Wilder : “That sunset is spectacular!”

LokisLilButterknife : “I would love to go back to Turkey. While I didn’t get to see much of the country, what I saw was truly gorgeous.”

#19 Sunset Peak, Hong Kong

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Multa Nocte : “This is just an astonishing shot with that mist rolling in!”

#20 Yosemite National Park

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Multa Nocte : “Lovely in the winter!”

#21 Lofoten Islands, Norway

Image source: leemumfordphotography

Tilfeldig Forbipasserende : “As a friend of mine said some years ago: It is much more pretty on pictures than in real life. I have never been there, but I guess there is a good chance that she was right.”

#22 Dolomites Unesco World Heritage Site

Image source: leemumfordphotography

#23 Alpe Di Siusi, Italy

Image source: leemumfordphotography

#24 Altea, Spain

Image source: leemumfordphotography

#25 Wadi Rum, Jordan

Image source: leemumfordphotography

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