20 Times Travelers Were Disappointed In How Airlines Handled Their Baggage

Published 1 year ago

Have you ever wondered how does an airline deal with your baggage? After you give it to them during your check-in, it goes away through the conveyor, and who knows what happens to it next? Sometimes you couldn’t help but imagine them not handling your things properly – are they just throwing them inside the plane?

After the flight, you would usually see your stuff still in one piece, and the relief you would feel is immeasurable. It was as if your fears that your things would come broken were wiped away. However, on some occasions, that fear would come true, just like for the 20 unlucky passengers below who found their things completely destroyed as they came out of the plane’s cargo.

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#1 What The TSA Do With Your Luggage When They Can’t Close It Back

Image source: derickb24

#2 “Rare” Delta Damaged Baggage

Image source: moosechildd

#3 So I Just Picked My Bag Up At The Airport And It Looks Like This

Image source: Sheeps92

#4 The Aftermath Of Your Routine Baggage Inspection At The San Diego Airport

Image source: Klunkster14

#5 Flying And Lost Your Luggage? Maybe It’s In This Airport Dumpster

Image source: ecargeolhc

#6 Someone Flying Out Of DFW Is Going To Have A Rough Time In A Few Hours

Image source: mrplinko

#7 Having To Pay To Have My Luggage Treated Like This

Image source: rammerjammer205

#8 TSA Unpacked But Didn’t Repack My Favorite Haunted Mansion Mug But Left A Note

Image source: Fewsick

#9 TSA Spilling His Mothers Ashes

Image source: AJFrancis410

#10 The Bag Handle Came Alone On The Luggage Belt

Image source: xl0313

#11 At Least He Could See The Funny Side

Image source: karen_nowland

#12 About £100 Of Damage, When Gatwick Burnt And Ruined My Suitcase And I Get £37.50 Back A Month Later. Just Gotta Laugh Really

Image source: sophie_doye

#13 Airport Authorities Did This To My Favorite Backpack (Nike Air Max)

Image source: jeebitsfapper

#14 Delta Rolled Over And Destroyed My Luggage And Now They Want Me To Provide Receipts

Image source: CBTtoolbox

#15 My Uncle’s Suitcase After His Flight

Image source: an0nym0ose

#16 Stealing Video Games From Someone’s Luggage

Image source: michael14375

#17 This Luggage Left On The Airport Tarmac

Image source: becca_becs_bec-kawh

#18 Air Italy Completely Destroyed My Bag

Image source: tigermilk26

#19 So Much For “Fragile.” I Filed A Claim For Damaged Baggage. Do You Know How Fast And Hard This Needs To Be Running Against A Surface To Get This Damaged?

Image source: Lennethxvii

#20 To Everyone Awaiting BCC-Exclusive Covers Of Aberrant And Banjax. I Had My Entire Stock (Several Hundred Dollars) Ruined. Thanks To A Forced Gate Check By American Airlines

Image source: rylendgrant

My suitcase arrived 12 hours after I landed literally dripping wet.

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