32 People Who Used Their Amazing Sewing Talents To Create Unique Masterpieces

Published 11 months ago

Sewing lessons are mandatory for girls in my home country which, as a tomboy, irked me no end. However, it’s a skill that comes in handy occasionally when a quick darn can fix a small tear that may otherwise ruin a perfectly good item. 

However, some folks have the amazing talent and skill to envision an end product that they can bring to life with a needle and some thread. These mind-blowing designs could almost compete with haute couture and deserve their spotlight in the r/sewing subreddit. Scroll below for an impressive collection of masterpieces that ordinary folks created with machine sewing, embroidery, quilting or hand sewing.

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#1 I Made My Own Wedding Dress And Veil!

Image source: No-Efficiency68

#2 I Made My Dog And Myself Matching Coats For My Irl Cake Day

Image source: CorvidiaPex

#3 Here’s A Little Constellation Bat I Just Made ?✨

Image source: killurconscience

#4 I Was Getting Supplies For A Practical Project…but Then I Saw This Fabric ✨

Image source: 0potatopancake0

#5 I Am So Pleased With How This Little Guy Turned Out!

Image source: BasilVista

#6 I Made An Edwardian Holiday Outfit. 1901

Image source: sewing_magic

#7 Vest And Pants I Made For Prom

Image source: salphamale

#8 Made This Wool Knit Set… Plus A Matching Sweater For My Pup!

Image source: Notta_Basic_Stitch

#9 It Has Pockets!! (Work In Progres)

Image source: PoisonTheOgres

#10 Prom Dress Is Finally Finished

Image source: Nearby-Ad-4587

#11 Tried Drafting A Bell Sleeve Wrap Top – And Made It Reversible

Image source: Infamous-Cat-8370

#12 1780s Corset Stays Handmade

Image source: Cacarosa

#13 Made An Account So I Could Post A Sewing Project I Was Really Happy With

Image source: ohamoni

#14 Some Of You Had Asked To See The Outcome Of The Strawberry Dress After All My Questions…. Voila!!!

Image source: shefollowedtherabbit

#15 Sewed My Graduation Dress!

Image source: VanellionBlue

#16 Made A Dress And Matching Bag For An Award Event And I Am So Proud

Image source: Mia_muggins

#17 Had A Big Day, Made A Dress To Conquer It

Image source: anjschuyler

#18 I Made My Prom Dress This Year

Image source: Suuperrnova

#19 Made Myself This Coat To Represent My Lineage And My Pride

Image source: mrfabulousdesigns

#20 I Made An Early 1900s Ballgown Inspired By John Singer Sargent Paintings (Self Drafted)

Image source: sewing_magic

#21 Wwii Era Coat – Vintage Sewing Pattern Company, Clara Cape Coat

Image source: star_faerie_

#22 Made A Dress For My Daughter! (Self-Drafted)

Image source: burritosandcheese

#23 I Made A Two Piece Set For My Textiles Major Work

Image source: Dressed2Nice4AJacket

#24 I Made A Mushroom Skirt!

Image source: Suuperrnova

#25 Made Myself Some Boots

Image source: Big-Contribution-676

#26 My Latest Project/I Made A New Outfit From Thrifted Jeans & Red Fabric

Image source: afrykanized

#27 My Handmade Belle Gown. Detailed Description In The Comments

Image source: AnneluneCos

#28 My Second Project: Pizza Shirt! Still Hooked

Image source: mhjens

#29 My Whallet!

Image source: 1kiki09

#30 1960’s “Space Age” Inspired Dress. All Fabrics From Stash, I Used Vogue 1822

Image source: ginniesue

#31 My Newest Make! Sewed And Modified From Two Thrifted Pillowcases

Image source: doingalrighty

#32 Gave Myself Early Onset Arthritis Making This Dress!

Image source: Glaney070

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