20 Fascinating, Rare, And Unbelievable Pics That Show Why “Nature Was Metal” Millions Of Years Ago

Published 1 year ago

Our magnificent planet is around 4.54 billion years old and many types of fascinating creatures have walked here in the past. From the birth of the first form of life to many complex forms later, Mother Earth has served as a home to millions of amazing creatures for a very long time.

Even though we see lots of fascinating organisms around us today, many amazing ones, unfortunately, became extinct. There is a subreddit called “Nature Was Metal” that showcases the most interesting beasts that existed here once upon a time but vanished due to various circumstances. Scroll below to see some of their best posts.

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#1 A Barbary Lion, An Extinct Race, As Photographed In Algeria

Image source: aquilasr

#2 This Is Quetzalcoatlus Northropi. It Is The Largest Pterosaur Ever Discovered And Possibly The Largest Flying Animal Ever! It Had A Wingspan Of Around 15.9 Metres (59 Feet)

Image source: Sidelongape68

#3 A Man Holding A Nile Crocodile Skull Next To The Skull Of The Fearsome Crocodylus Thorbjarnarsoni. A Giant Crocodile Species From The Early Pleistocene In The Turkana Basin, Kenya

Image source: homo_artis

#4 This Is The Best-Preserved Dinosaur Specimen Ever Unearthed. This Mummified Nodosaur’s Bones Remain Covered By Intact Skin And Armor — 110 Million Years After The Creature’s Death

Image source: belowshear

#5 Tail Of A 99 Myo Dinosaur, The First One Ever Discovered. Perfectly Preserved, Still Covered In Feathers

Image source: thereread

#6 This Giant Crinoid Colony Is 195 Million Years Old From The Lower Jurassic Is 4 X 5 Meter And Is Now On Display At A Museum In Houston!

Image source: GingerMsGeo

#7 Real Footage Of 4 Extinct Animals: Thylacine, Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, Baiji River Dolphin, And The Heath Hen

Image source: EmptySpaceForAHeart

#8 The Natural History Museum In London Outfitted Its Animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex In A Colorful Christmas Sweater

Image source: Forward-Ad-9811

#9 10,000 Year Old Skull And Antlers Of An Extinct Elk Found By Fishermen In Ireland

Image source: veinedJamaica

#10 What Being Attacked By A T-Rex Would Look Like

Image source: EmptySpaceForAHeart

#11 Mammoth Hut

Image source: electroplasmasphere

#12 Utahraptor Claws

Image source: TheEternels

#13 Arthropleura Millipede Is The Biggest Bug Known To Ever Live

Image source: s3rumanu_bng

#14 The Horned Gopher – The Only Known Rodent To Have Developed Horns

Image source: MyPhoneSucksBad

#15 The Only Preserved Head And Skin Of The Extinct Dodo Bird, Kept At The Oxford University Museum Of Natural History

Image source: secretlyswear863

#16 Most Animals Used To Be A Lot Bigger

Image source: sohm113

#17 The Numerous Hand Stencils Of Cueva De Las Manos, Argentina. The Hand Prints Of Many Different People Separated By Hundreds Or Thousands Of Years, Their Stories Lost To Time But Their Art Still Lingers For Us To See

Image source: homo_artis

#18 Nizar Ibrahim Between The Jaws Of Spinosaurus

Image source: aquilasr

#19 Prehistoric Spider-Like Arachnid Found Preserved In Amber

Image source: KunoMochi

#20 In 1663, The Partial Fossilised Skeleton Of A Woolly Rhinoceros Was Discovered In Germany. This Is The “Magdeburg Unicorn”, One Of The Worst Fossil Reconstructions In Human History

Image source: beachdogs

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