20 Truths Americans Are Blinded To

Published 2 years ago

They say that no one would be able to point out your flaws except those who see you. You might be used to all your attitudes, your style, and your personality that you’ve become used to them as if they were nothing. But the people around you may not like how you do at all.

Even countries are not exempt from that fact. Take, for example, the United States, which is often perceived as the beacon of freedom and democracy. For some people in this thread, the country isn’t as glorious as it first seemed to be. Find out how and why below!

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They don’t really know what terms like liberal/socialist/fascist mean

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The US has third world country level safety and crime issues in most of its big cities.

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You’re about this close to not being a democracy anymore. You should be paying attention.


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It is really easy to use metric system, and it’s not bite. It is inconvenient to measure something with body parts.


The loudest voice in the room usually has the least to say

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You need more than two political parties for democracy to work.


You’re really not the greatest country on earth.

The rest of us consider you more of that crazy, violent uncle we have to put up with because our other two crazy, violent uncles are just slightly worse.

Source: SaltRevolutionary917


They act like they have so much freedom when so many facets of basic human needs there are so exclusive that it’s oppressive.

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Your portion sizes should be smaller.


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That the entire world excels at making bathroom stalls that you can’t see between. Not sure why the US stall manufacturers can’t figure out how to close those massive gaps…


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Your tipping culture is a scam. Tipping should not be a burden obligation of your customers.


The way you add tax to everything at the till is mental. Just tell me what it costs on the fricking label!

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College shouldn’t drain your entire savings account.


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You don’t need automatic firearms as a civilian in daily situations, and the 2nd Amendment was written when Americans feared British invasion, and when guns had to be reloaded after every single bullet shot, clearly not applicable today. Countries with stricter gun control have drastically less shootings than the U.S.


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Your cheese is an abomination.


The United States (not America, that’s a Continent) is not the world police and should stop getting involved in other countries businesses.

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Religion has no place in politics, hence “separation of church and state.”


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Profit-based healthcare is wrong on so many levels.


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You shouldn’t have to give birth then go back to work a week later.


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Canadian here- you guys have amazing landscapes, culture and food. Your folks are usually very kind and welcoming. But the quality of life you guys have makes me really sad. The minimum wage is brutal, like 7 dollars, while ours is 15, so much poverty there. And paying for healthcare, people going into debt just for getting sick?

Also- the way you treat your women is horrifying. I know you guys have criticized Middle Eastern countries for women wearing Hijabs and having little rights, but look in a mirror. Restricting access to family planning and abortion services, making women pay for the necessity of going to a hospital to deliver babies? No paid maternity leave/ only 6 weeks, like what is that? That’s nowhere near enough. Like why??

Gun ownership issues, school shootings, healthcare and student debt bankruptcy, abortion restriction, poverty level minimum wage- these shouldn’t be political issues- these are human rights that you guys aren’t ready to accept- and to your own detriment.

Obviously there’s a lot of nuance here, and Canada isn’t perfect either. We have our own demons to deal with here, and are in the midst of a major movement on recognizing Indigenous reconciliation/ owning up to our history of oppression. Both countries have major structural issues- I just think the US has a lot more going on.

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