30 Brilliant Examples Of “America’s Cultural Decline Into Idiocy” From This Meme Page

Published 1 year ago

America, the land of the free, where dreams come true and home to folks of many cultures. But despite their advancing status in terms of quality of living, space explorations and even nuclear knowledge some Americans seem to be regressing. 

A Facebook group by the name of, “America’s Cultural Decline Into Idiocy,” explores the recurring theme where certain individuals seem to have slept through school and aren’t quite the sharpest tools in the shed. In a nation consisting of 336 million people though, there’s bound to be a few stragglers but we’re not here to bash or correct anyone, just to enjoy some good humour. 

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Image source: Angelo P Breaux


When you’re so anti-government that you pay extra money to the government to show the government you don’t support them.

Image source: Lawrence Renner


Image source: Hammoud Leigh, twitter.com


Image source: Renaldy Aditya


Image source: Two Weirdos With A Page


When you’re an influencer but you don’t know how to use the Roman numerals.

Image source: Jen Baird


Image source: Rima Khreish


Image source: Christian Delgrosso


Image source: Jennifer Hofman


Image source: Chuck Zirkle, twitter.com


Image source: Jason Chen


Image source: Maulik Padh


Image source: Aidan Hand


The only scientific explanation.

Image source: Chetan Shah


Image source: Ulysses Fraire


Image source: Silver Elephant


Image source: J.R. Sanders


Image source: Stacy DeMeo Robbin


Image source: Nicolò Beccalossi


Image source: Alice Holm


Image source: Riley Dolan



Image source: Johann Huber-Gutierrez


Image source: John Oconnor


Image source: Henry Symes


Image source: Lisa Robinson


Image source: Michael Orndorff


Image source: Craig Mullen


Image source: Michael Orndorff, twitter.com


Image source: Jeff Cunningham


Image source: Tabitha McCostlin

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