40 Unexpected “Pigeons” Around The World

Published 8 months ago

We often see groups of pigeons flocking together in various spots that they’ve demarcated for themselves as their territory in cities, parks and other places where humans gather. However, it’s not only groups of pigeons that like to be in close proximity to humans apparently as this collection of pics will show. 

Turns out that many birds and even animals such as foxes, moose and others tend to congregate near people possibly in the hopes of landing a lucky crumb or two. Regardless, we’re glad that those who spotted these gatherings chose to capture the adorable moments and share them with us as it’s just too wholesome to miss out on. 

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#1 Captured A Picture Today Of This Man Trying In Vain To Yield To A Deer In Nara, Japan


Caffeinated HedgehogOh Deer…

#2 Zao Fox Village

Image source: limonastya

STress (I/me)Firefox HQ?

#3 Eagles Are Like Pigeons In Alaska

Image source: iceKingsokka

Caffeinated HedgehogFreedom Pigeons

#4 My Father-In-Law’s Bird Feeder (Wild Birds)

Image source: Lemonlimeman210

WindySwedeIf it wasn’t fir the spiders, snek, and such, Australia would be quite tempting.

#5 Swimming Pigs In The Bahamas

Image source: i_aRe_Jeenyus, pierreveidig

Premislaus de ColoPigs are excellent swimmers and divers. They do it for fun, have a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WABKStvx6B0

#6 My Wife Had Been Feeding The Very Friendly Squirrel That Lives In Our Tree This Summer. Tonight She Brought Her Kids Out To Meet Us

Image source: paulverizer085

Darius S. (he/him) cis/greyyay, i’ve had an increase in black Eastern Gray squirrels here too.

#7 Fox Village – Japan

Image source: yuriko5s

DoNotGoGentleIntoThatGoodNightFox abuse Village more like…

#8 Never Leave Your Picnic Unattended In Australia

Image source: mikeonmaui

WindySwedeThe Cockatattoo gang where roaming the parks for crackers..

#9 My Wife And I Just Bought Our First House And Found A Welcoming Committee In Our Backyard The Night After We Moved In

Image source: Senaka11

#10 Family Of Raccoons In My Yard

Image source: Duskav3ng3r117

#11 Doves Of Ecuador

Image source: Downlinx

WindySwedeDrag-on, drag-off..

#12 Here Is A Wild Donkey Herd Near My House In Southern California

Image source: designer_farts

nomnomborkborkLove donkeys! How wonderful to have them around you.

#13 Sandhill Cranes Showed Up In My Driveway, Port Saint Lucie, FL

Image source: theevilGnius

#14 Beautiful Guests For Breakfast. Waratah Bay, Australia

Image source: qincollabig77

Bored somethingLove the galahs. A lot of them around my area. They look so silly.

#15 Deer In Nara, Japan. They Will Bow For Cookies. But Beware, Once You Feed Them, They Will Follow You For More, And You May Get Headbutted

Image source: jakerosmarin

WindySwedeFoal-low* 🙃 /jk

#16 Woman Feeding Squirrels In Lovers Point Park, California

Image source: 87evergreens

Sea SquirrelUpvote for this lovely lady (And the sea. And the squirrels of course!!!!)

#17 I’ll Follow You (Aoshima)

Image source: aoshima_cat, benem94

Hippopotamuses: Imagine going there with a laser pointer. It could go one of two ways.

#18 Squirrels

Image source: Over-Preference8469

Nikki DOmg the one on her head!!! 😍

#19 View From My Kitchen Window This Morning (New Hampshire)

Image source: k14w

Charlotte A.I suspect there’s a spider somewhere on the ground…

#20 This House Is Surrounded By Dozens Of Wild Peacocks

Image source: Technical-Reason-324

Darius S. (he/him) cis/greythe sound must be fowl.

#21 While I Have To Deal With Annoying Pigeons On My Balcony, This Is What My Australian Friend Gets

Image source: MisterReporter

David PatersonRainbow lorikeets again. In some places they will stand en masse on people the same way that pigeons do. But unlike pigeons, rainbow lorikeets have very sharp claws. I’ve known them to pluck hair off your head to line their nest.

#22 When You Don’t Read The “Don’t Feed The Monkeys” Sign (Thailand)

Image source: reddit.com

WindySwede“It can’t be that bad, I will do it anyway. I want the full experience! “

#23 Bird Of The Year: Magpie (Australia)

Image source: SydneyTom

#24 Wild Macaws Frequently Visit Balconies In Caracas

Image source: wasabinski

STress (I/me)Kind of guests I’d like to have…

#25 I Started Feeding A Street Cat Last Year, And The News Is Going Fast In The Neighborhood

Image source: Pepitof

martymcmatrixHello, we live here now!

#26 The Harbor Town Of Unalaska Is Home To Over 600 Eagles, Making Them As Common As Pigeons In Most Other Cities

Image source: Nightstar95

Unfortunately, this isn’t as magical as it sounds. The eagles are constantly fighting over fish guts and attacking people. Nesting season is especially hellish.

#27 Wild Horses In My Neighbor’s Yard This Morning (NV)

Image source: GalaxyBreadstick

WindySwede“Get of the grass! .. you Herd me!” …

#28 This Week On Christmas Island, 50 Million Crabs Are Scuttling To The Ocean

Image source: vicenews

MargyBI think it is fantastic that a bridge was built for them x

#29 A Raccoon Pool Party (My Aunt Sent This To Me This Morning)

Image source: Gracefulnite_

XenoMurphLooks like they are trying not to drown

#30 In The Giraffe Manor, Jock’s Room, Kenya. There Are Rooms Where The Giraffes Are Fed. The Giraffes Come Early In The Morning To Get Treats. It’s Definitely A Great Experience

Image source: Victoria Todd

MaryHadaLittleLambI must visit someday! Giraffes are my favorite animals!

#31 Family Of Wild Boars Roam The Streets Of The Carmel Neighborhoods In The Northern City Of Haifa, Israel

Image source: abirsultan

#32 Chicken Heaven In Kauai, Hawaii

Image source: rcw_photography

nomnomborkborkThese guys get aggressive, too. Jumped right on our table at an outdoor restaurant and started eating off all the plates. Couldn’t shoo them off.

#33 Wild Horses In The Town Center Where I Live, Nevada

Image source: Kittishk

Andrea PereiraHuge amazing beautiful mountains, though!

#34 Austria – Marmots

Image source: Deosai National Park – DNP

Ka Se (edited): That’s exclusive in the mountains. If you visit the flat regions, for example Vienna, you may have the opportunity to feed Spermophilus (Ziesel). They are also super cute.

#35 A Group Of Black Cats Out In The Wild

Image source: totzalotz

Multa NocteCollectively speaking, is it a “coven” of black cats?

#36 Moose Visited My Dad’s Yard, Alaska

Image source: DudeHeadAwesome

Belle_Pandamonium🇧🇻l: Beautiful animals.

#37 I Miss My Balcony. And My Two Local Breakfast Regulars

Image source: birdfluencer

JoNoWhat a location to live – great view!

#38 I Recently Visited Okunoshima, The Bunny Island Of Japan. Wasn’t Expecting This Many Rabbits

Image source: J_Bear

ChillDystopia: Is there an island or a village for every animal in Japan ?

#39 A Pigeon Riding An Iguana I Photographed In Ecuador

Image source: PicsOnlyMe

Bored somethingPigeon taxi

#40 When You Think You’re A Disney Princess And Try To Feed The Birds But End Up Getting Bullied By A Flock Of Cockatoos

Image source: reddit.com

Hippopotamuses (edited): Polly ‘demands’ a cracker!








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