A Perfectly Preserved Ancient Roman Mosaic Floor Gets Uncovered In An Italian Vineyard

Published 4 years ago

If you’re looking for some positive news amidst the coronavirus pandemic, you’ve come to the right place. Just a few days ago, Italian archaeologists uncovered a perfectly preserved ancient Roman mosaic floor hidden underneath a vineyard in the Verona province of Italy, and some people are already claiming this could be the biggest discovery of 2020!

It was historian Myko Clelland, aka DapperHistorian, that helped spread the news on Twitter. People were absolutely amazed by the photos of this discovery and the man’s tweet got nearly 500k likes and over 108k retweets in just a few days. See the newly-discovered ancient Roman mosaic in the gallery below!

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Historian Myko Clelland recently shared photos of the ancient Roman mosaic that was uncovered in Italy

Image credits: DapperHistorian

In an interview with Bored Panda, Myko said that it’s rare to find something so complete and in such good condition as man and nature usually take their toll and the findings are usually damaged.

The discovery was made an organization called Soprintendenza di Verona. Myko mentioned that he has family in Verona that showed him what the organization had been working on and he felt like their work needed to be shared with the world.

People found the mosaic floor absolutely fascinating

Image credits: Smokesniper

Image credits: DapperHistorian

Image credits: DWMcAliley1791

Image credits: DapperHistorian

Image credits: Smokesniper

Image credits: gray

Image credits: DapperHistorian

Myko explained that the reason why the floor remained intact could be because of people’s habit of building things on top of their previous efforts. People might build new buildings over the foundations of old ones, meaning that a mosaic like this could have slowly been buried over time. One example that the historian gave was Mesopotamia, where there are hills in areas that should normally be flat. This happened because people built new towns atop old ones layer after layer, until the hills became meters tall.

Image credits: JayHadHope

Another user has shared another beautiful mosaic that was uncovered just a few years ago

Image credits: elliezwart

Image credits: jdotshack

Image credits: Caro1Graham

Image credits: DapperHistorian

People couldn’t believe there are such beautiful treasures still buried underground

Image credits: mintaburst

Image credits: halagoo

Image credits: DapperHistorian

Image credits: fd_x

Image credits: DapperHistorian

Image credits: SavMoney1point0

Image credits: JPTBus

Image credits: seize_yr_moment

Image credits: Pinkie525

Image credits: xtrixcyclex

Image credits: afclhoratio

Some people saw it as an opportunity to crack some jokes

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