20+ Weird And Interesting Things That People Found

Published 6 years ago

Have you ever found something that made you say ‘What on Earth is this?’ while browsing a flea market or while digging through your grandparents’ attic? Don’t worry – you’re not the only one.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of the strangest and most interesting things people found. From messages in bottles to ancient relics found while digging in backyards – most of them will make you say ‘wow!’.

Check out the weirdest things people found in the gallery below!


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#1 So My Friend Found A Message In A Bottle While Fishing

Image source: lijyg

#2 Found This In The Woods While Trail Riding

Image source: Ed_Tivrusky_IV

#3 My Friend Works In Recycling. He Found A Filled Diary From 1941

Image source: JordanToner

#4 While Walking On The Beach In Hawaii My Wife And I Found This Glass Ball That Had Become The Home Of Small Marine Ecosystem

Image source: Tio76

#5 A Little Patch Of Clover In A Bottle

Image source: erixashes

#6 Thankfully My Dad Found Them Before He Started Mowing

Image source: commonenigma

#7 Found A Guinea Pig That Was Abandoned In The Woods While I Was Playing Disc Golf. She Has A New Home Now

Image source: Calebwcobb

#8 8 Year Old Girl Saga Found A Sword From The Iron Age In Lake Vidösten. Estimated To Be About 1500 Years Old, It Is The First Sword Of Its Kind To Ever Be Found In Scandinavia!

Image source: Andy Vanecek

#9 This Blue Crayfish I Found In The Mountains Of West Virginia

Image source: AmishAirline

#10 My Nephew Found A Sea Shell With Squid Eggs Inside

Image source: rockyroo529

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