People Are Sharing The Weird And Interesting Things They’ve Stumbled Upon (30 New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Every once in a while we stumble upon something unexpected that makes us stop dead in our tracks and quickly snap a photo. And if you’ve ever found yourself in this type of situation, you know that these types of pictures are usually too good to keep all to yourself.

People online are sharing pictures of some of the weirdest and most interesting things they’ve found, and they might inspire you to keep your eyes peeled the next time you go outside. From albino oaks to teeny tiny frogs, check out some of the finds that left people surprised in the gallery below! And if you want more, make sure to read our previous posts here and here!

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#1 My Husband Passed Away 2 Weeks Ago And In The Garage Behind A Piece Of Paper Hanging On The Wall I Found This

Image source: Lacy Summers

In the months before his passing he was unable to talk due to his brain cancer, so finding this note from him meant the world to me and is something I will cherish forever. We were married for 24 years.

#2 It’s A Little Unnerving When You Wake Up In The Morning And Find These Right Outside Your Tent

Image source: mattymeis

Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska.

#3 I Found A Baby Albino Oak In My Garden Some Years Ago And Realized That Plants Can Be Albinos Too, But They Do Not Live Long Since They Cannot Photosynthesize

Image source: Lunabora

#4 While Tearing Up Their Carpet, My In-Laws Found A Giant Monopoly Board

Image source: Yamaha234

#5 While Hiking An Isolated Jungle Trail In The Amazon, We Came Across This Post Marking The Equator

Image source: Intagvalley

#6 This Silver Pendant I Found Metal Detecting Is Dated 227 Years Ago Today

Image source: Silver_Winged

#7 387-Year-Old Shopping List Found Under The Floorboards Of A London Home

Image source: National Trust

The full text reads:

“Mr Bilby, I pray p[ro]vide to be sent too morrow in ye Cart some Greenfish, The Lights from my Lady Cranfeild[es] Cham[ber] 2 dozen of Pewter spoon[es]: one greate fireshovell for ye nursery; and ye o[t]hers which were sent to be exchanged for some of a better fashion, a new frying pan together with a note of ye prises of such Commoditie for ye rest.

Your loving friend

Robert Draper

Octobre 1633


#8 Found A Steam Room And Hot Tub In My Basement, Behind A Wall During Demo

Image source: FeedtheFat

#9 This Swirly Dandelion I Found

Image source: Golden_Snail_DK

#10 Splitting Firewood And Found A Piece Resembling The Sky In “The Starry Night”

Image source: virgilturtle

#11 Found A Starfish In One Of My Mussels

Image source: DalhousieU23

#12 Found A Stargate In The Middle Of Nowhere Near Linz, Austria

Image source: zodd1981

#13 I Found This Gravestone For Someone’s Beloved Dog In A Wooded Area Just Outside An Old Cemetary

Image source: James_Fennell

#14 I Found A Cyclops Moth And It Was Huge. Bigger Than Half My Hand

Image source: JustAMemeBeingADude

#15 Perfectly Round Rock I Found At The Beach

Image source: Fudgemnky

#16 I Found A Misprinted Penny (Front And Back)

Image source: jar0fstars

#17 Picasso Pebble

Image source: jonofthesouth

#18 Frozen Flower I Found In Austin During The Texas Winter Storm

Image source: Syllabub-Temporary

#19 This Tree I Found Grows Into Itself

Image source: FishayyMtg

#20 10-Carat Australian Sapphire I Found In A Creek

Image source: Numerous_Sport_2774

#21 This Morning I Found A Young Frog That Still Had Its Tail

Image source: MinisterOfVulgarity

#22 Osperlioceras Bicarinatum Golden Pyrite. Found In France

Image source: Browndog888

#23 Found A Perfect Salt Crystal In My Sea Salt Packet

Image source: c3r3n1ty

#24 We Were Digging Up Virgin Ground For A Garden And As I Was Tilling, We Found A Class Ring From 1954-1955

Image source: maxxim565

It only had initials and the school was closed, took me 3 months to find the owner’s daughter and was happy to reunite it with her family.

#25 Look At This Crazy Icicle I Found This Morning (There Is A Small Hole In The Metal Handrail)

Image source: merz-person

#26 We Tore Up Some Carpeting In Our House Expecting Concrete But Instead Found This 70’s Masterpiece

Image source: CallistoChemical

#27 My Uncle Found A Bag Of Volcano Ash From Mount St. Helens With A Note Tucked In The Back Of One Of His Cupboards

Image source: blachat

#28 Found Original Homeowner In The Walls Of A Teardown

Image source: widewhiskers

#29 Found This Fish Was Frozen In Piece Of Ice, Texas 2021

Image source: Daddywithguns

#30 Found This Very Old Holy Bible In My Parents’ Garage. Dated 1881. Thought Maybe You Guys Might Find It Interesting As Well

Image source: strange_days12

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