30 Times People Spotted Animals Flashing Innocent And Adorable “Disney Eyes” At Them And Had To Take A Photo

Published 1 year ago

If there is one thing that stands out in movies like Bambi, 101 Dalmatians or the Lion King it’s the wide-eyed innocence of the animal characters. With eyes as wide as dinner plates, the following pictures show real-life adorable animals portraying their innocence and absolute vulnerability through the windows-to-their-soul, and it’s sure to pull on your heartstrings just like in the movies. Taken from the “Disney Eyes” Reddit community, check out the impawsibly cute and wholesome snaps of animals that look like real-life Disney characters below. 

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#1 Shall We All Agree That What Ever She Wants She Can Have It?

Image source: Proud_Idiot

#2 Everyone Says He Looks Like A Disney Character, So Here’s Snoot!

Image source: jamiej27

#3 Just Found Out About Japanese Flying Squirrels

Image source: Fawneh1359

#4 He Is Not A Cat Or Dog, But I Think He Belongs Here, Too! (Not Mine Btw, But So Cute!)

Image source: micindra

#5 *stares At You In Cute*

Image source: jjky665678

#6 I Haven’t Seen A Dog On This Subreddit In A While

Image source: perdsoq_uwu

#7 Those Are Some Eyes

Image source: cxxxlv

#8 Ying Yang

Image source: icant-chooseone

#9 Little Boba Looks Like She Came Straight Out Of A Disney Movie

Image source: nicolebun

#10 Ferocious!

Image source: KaleBrecht

#11 Too Precious Omg

Image source: playboybunny420

#12 The Void Would Like Some Snackies

Image source: wakkykat

#13 Someone Suggested To Post This Pic Of Lucy Here:)

Image source: sippinxx

#14 My Little Luna

Image source: reddit.com

#15 She Really Knows How To Pose For A Photo

Image source: TifCiiD

#16 Oh Lawd

Image source: mistyballs

#17 My Silver Bengal Kitty, Mr. Meow

Image source: liz_103

#18 It’s This Little Princess’s Birthday Today

Image source: Kaboose-4-2-0-

#19 Someone Suggested Z’s Ocean Eyes Belong Here ?

Image source: siamese-momma13

#20 Ovo

Image source: jjky665678

#21 She Has The Disney Eyes Down Pat

Image source: nothisissadie

#22 My Baby Got His First Jewelry Today. Never Seen A Better Mix Of Posh And Derpiness

Image source: wet-robot

#23 Just Aww

Image source: AmazingStarDust

#24 The Face She Makes When My Husband Holds Her

Image source: darbydiddle

#25 Apparently, This Little Guy Also Belongs Here

Image source: Pardonmyfuckinfrench

#26 I Posted And Then Deleted Cause I Thought This Was A Cat-Only Subreddit But I Think Everyone Deserves To See This Beauty

Image source: DinosAreCool2

#27 Sectoral Heterochromia

Image source: icant-chooseone

#28 My, What Big Eyes

Image source: magiciacat

#29 Ohh… …oh My! Aren’t You The Most Adorable Thing That’s Just About To Eviscerate That Tree?!?

Image source: atridir

#30 Cross Posting My Sweet Girl

Image source: hitthebrownnote

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