20 People Share What They Hate The Most About Their In-Laws

Published 10 months ago

They say that when you marry someone, you marry their entire family. For most people, this may mean an occasional battle of wills as well-meaning in-laws attempt to advise you on various things from raising children to running a household to managing your finances.

However, on occasion, it may lead to more interesting interactions that are almost comedy-movie-worthy. Redditor, u/fuzzyloulou, got curious about people’s real-life stories of their most annoying in-laws which seemed to trigger a lot of people to spill the tea. Scroll below for a selection of hilariously juicy tales of netizens’ most hateful in-law experiences as narrated on the original thread. 

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#1 My mother-in-law is always cooking good a*s food and making me fat. It’s all her fault!

Image source: EinTheDataDoge, Conscious Design

#2 My mother-in-law is a religious zealot who legit hates more than half of her children. One is a lesbian, one is trans, my wife is non-binary, their other brother is gay. But she doesn’t know he is.

Image source: BlackwatetWitcher, James Coleman

#3 Their concept of time. They’re all always shamelessly late to everything. And they all act like it’s a cardinal sin to be early. They think they’re “early” if they stroll in just in the nick of time.

For example, I’ve told them, “We have to be there at 7, and it’s a 20 minute drive, so we should leave by 6:35 at the latest. So you need to be at our house at 6:30 so we can load the car”.

“Why so early? I’ll be at your house at 6:45”.

Then they show up at 6:55 and can’t understand why I’m pissed. And we get to where we’re supposed to be at 7:15 and can’t understand why everyone there is pissed.

At least my husband has gotten better about it. He still hates to be anywhere early but he plans and takes steps to be on time, not late.

Image source: MrsPottyMouth, Wil Stewart

#4 There’s nothing I hate about my in-laws but my MIL occasionally says some things that give me pause when she’s in the room. For example, she wished me a happy birthday recently to which I casually replied, “Just another trip around the sun.” My comment resulted in a 20 minute lecture about how the sun actually orbits the Earth based on her visual observation of it rising in the east and setting in the west every day. I often wonder how much of my partner’s childhood trauma is a direct result of her mother’s “unusual” beliefs.

Image source: officehelpermonkey

#5 They live 3,500kms away. It’s a little closer than I would like.

Image source: Ok-Geologist8387

#6 The way they come over to my house unannounced. Just show up then get mad at me for being in the shower or not home because I’m running errands. I know I’m a SAHM but damn I still have to go run errands outside the house. The way they insist they can have our baby whenever they please without our permission.

Image source: LoveOfTheLee, Kindel Media

#7 I absolutely love my in-laws, but compared to my family they are *REALLY* loud. Like instead of taking turns talking they just talk louder over each other until someone listens. I leave with a headache, and that’s including times I sneak to an empty room for peace.

Image source: kannakantplay, Edmond Dantès

#8 My wife’s dad is a very “I’m right, or you’re wrong” kinda person. If he’s not right, he refuses to admit it and will just leave and not speak to you for a long time. Then show back up and act like nothing happened.

Image source: SaiyanGodKing

#9 My FIL called my wife and her 3 sisters wh*res all while standing I’m MY house. Reason you ask? They all got married outside of the Catholic faith. We haven’t spoken in 6 years. Best 6 years of my life.

Image source: Patrick2337

#10 The constant criticism. I married their only son and nothing I do is good enough. My house is never clean enough, my one year old doesn’t “behave”, and my cooking sucks. The passive aggressiveness is so overwhelming.

Image source: BAM151822, Teona Swift

#11 My MIL isn’t too nice to the kids. Granted, she has 15 grandkids, you can tell which ones she likes more. And less. My kids are in the middle.

Image source: wclure, Ben Wicks

#12 Hate is a bit strong, but I judge my step-MIL because she posts EVERYTHING on Facebook. I swear she can’t take a s**t without posting.

Image source: MalpracticeMatt, Brett Jordan

#13 My husband’s mother and 2 sisters really went out of their way to make me feel unwanted and unliked early in our marriage. They judged me, gave me the cold shoulder. Criticized everything I did. Jokes on them. My husband and I have been married for 30 years. So I learned a lesson: screw the naysayers. Haters gonna hate.

Image source: heyjudemarie, RF._.studio

#14 I loved them so much. They expressed their love for me, for almost 40 years. I hate they got old and died.

Image source: Quint27A

#15 I hate that my father-in-law was a pig headed son of a b***h and refused the vaccine. Left my wife with ashes.

Image source: starion832000

#16 That they were neglectful parents. I realize that they weren’t in the best financial situation while my partner was growing up, but they kept his learning disability diagnosis a secret from him and he was left to his own devices most of the time. He’s the youngest by a lot, and likely was not planned. He grew up without being encouraged to do well in school or to set goals in life. He also struggled a lot with affection early in our relationship because it wasn’t modeled in his home growing up.

My partner doesn’t hold it against them though, merely sees his childhood as a way to not raise our child so I have to commend him on that. I just wish he had been given the support and love a child deserves too.

Image source: Majikone

#17 Oh God, do I have stories. My MIL is one of the cheapest people I have ever met and a hoarder. For my sons first birthday she gave him a roll of paper towels because…”Look! he loves it, doesn’t even know whether it is a toy or not!” At age 3 for Christmas she gave him some random toiletries and cleaning supplies she bought at the dollar store, wrapped them and everything. Now I have to give my boy credit on those…after he opened them he said “This Christmas Sucks!” which caused major drama for my wife and I.

Image source: who519, Eli Francis

#18 My MIL is overly Christian… And reminds us regularly we’re going to hell because we don’t go to church. My incredible wife responds with either, see you there or, that’s where all our friends are going, why wouldn’t we want to go!

Image source: ekinria1928

#19 How critical they are of my partner. He is loving, kind, smart and unique. Nothing he ever does will ever be enough for them. As a result he has major anxiety and perfection issues. He’s hard on himself and constantly apologizes over minor things. I wish he knew how awesome he is. For this reason I’ve chewed out both his dad and mom with them being clueless as to why. What issues? I’d love to be close to them if things were different; however see how dysfunctional they are and am totally okay with zero contact.

Image source: Spletzi, Les Anderson

#20 My mother in-law abused my wife physically and emotionally. She is the cause of her PTSD, and I suspect, her anxiety. The woman is a narcissist who uses people and then drops them if they lose value. When my father in-law was in the hospital for his third stroke, she preyed upon his family, asking them for money to pay her bills. No one knows what she did with the money, and my heavily disabled father in-law swiftly lost his home (despite the loans supposedly being for the mortgage payment). We have gone as no contact as possible.

Image source: doctordoctorpuss

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