25 Examples Of The Most Entitled Customers Ever

Published 6 months ago

We love watching a good character arc on TV or in movies. There is something about being there for the journey and watching it unfold that appeals to our empathetic natures as humans. 

So when the meme pros step in to give us the same feeling within a shorter frame of time, we are here for it. Scroll below for the most interesting finds on the subreddit ‘Character Arcs‘ where our hero starts off in raw form and goes through a metamorphosis so that we can have a happy ending at the conclusion of the transformation.

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#1 Someone Decided To Have A Gender Reveal At The Table

Image source: fibbybob

#2 How People Left Their Table At A Wendy’s Near Me Smh

Image source: bonefidescrewup

#3 This Is Evil

Image source: ReubenMered

#4 I Give You, The Eggless Omelette

Image source: TherapistOfOP

#5 Someone Left Me A Tiny Shirt As A Tip

Image source: b215049

#6 Customer Leaves Her Baby’s Dirty Diaper On Table

Image source: quarterslicecomics

What confuses me is that I never saw her use the restroom the entire time she was dining. She likely kept it with her before but it confuses me even more that she never even thought once to toss it in a trash can outside before she arrived

#7 Customer Came Into The Restaurant And Gave The Waiters This Allergy List

Image source: Rachelle_Rosey

#8 Next Time Please Just Stiff Me

Image source: jupiters_galaxy

#9 $10 Would Have Been Preferred

Image source: Apart_Tradition8244

#10 Is Calling Costumers “Hun” Weird?

Image source: warlockofsortz

#11 Caught A Couple Of Kids Coloring On The Banister In Our Outside Seating Section. Parents Just Sat There Watching Them Do It. I Asked Them If The Walls In There House Looked Just As Ugly And They Asked To Speak To A Manager

Image source: Koopstars

#12 If You Go To A Restaurant And Your Kid Makes A Mess And You Leave It Like This, It Says More About You As Parent Than Your Kid

Image source: Panfilofinomeno

#13 Parents Who Let Their Child Make This Sort Of Mess In A Restaurant

Image source: mrpetrolbomb

#14 The Tip Line Said “Turn Over For Tip”

Image source: nicholasgarski

#15 This Is Why I, As A Restaurant Host, Hate Kids And The Parents Who Enable Them. This Is Just The Floor, I Had Already Cleaned The Table, The Chairs, And The Shattered Plate

Image source: _Monika-

#16 What Do You Guys Think About This?

Image source: Unfinishedcom

#17 Yuck

Image source: sassylilpeach

#18 These Damn Atheists

Image source: VashKetchum

#19 Lol, Never Seen This Kind Of Tip Before

Image source: kaythethrowaway

#20 Thanks?

Image source: pinkfuzzypaws

#21 Sorry I Politely Asked Your Crotch Goblin To Not Throw Sugar At Other Guests. Lmao

Image source: Saelem

#22 An Interesting Note A Customer Left On A Reservation Lol

Image source: The_Nuckles

#23 Upvote Or Face 10 Shifts Bad Luck

Image source: LukewarmLatte

#24 Gen Z?boomers

Image source: Specific-Ad8491

#25 She Wouldn’t Eat Her Chicken Because It Is “Pretty Much Raw.”

Image source: dizz12505

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