25 Bosses Who May Be The Case That “No One Wants To Work” Anymore

Published 6 months ago

When millions of people started leaving their jobs and it became difficult for companies to hire during the Great Resignation, the term “Nobody wants to work anymore” became quite popular. 

The ‘Antiwork‘ subreddit is where people come to share their most frustrated reactions from employees to an untenable situation at work. Showcasing unhinged and hypocritical bosses, this collection is a great wake-up call to management about where to place the blame when turnover is exceptionally high.

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#1 F*ck You Boss

Image source: Donjuanisit

Company owner decided to stop paying his drivers so one of them parked their semi on the owners Ferrari and just left it there.

#2 Owner Of Three Restaurants In The Suburbs Of Chicago Asks His Customers To Pay His Wait Staff A Better Wage

Image source: umbhukuka

#3 My Boss Sent Me This Text After Asking To Be Paid

Image source: queermarxisttrekkie

I (21M) work in a very small bakery in upstate NY. my boss (52F) is the owner of the bakery. I get paid under the table in cash. we work alone together a lot of the time, and so we have opened up to each other about a lot of things. when I opened up to her about my family’s financial situation, it was because I trusted her. I did not do so for pity, nor did i expect to have it used against me. lately she has been paying me late, and so occasionally I’ll ask if she’s done payroll bc I need to get food. yesterday she replied with this. I’m speechless.

#4 Line Cook Quit

Image source: scottyb83

#5 Shout Out The Worst Place I Ever Worked (Minimum Wage, Of Course)

Image source: MinionsAndWineMum

#6 I’m Still In Shock

Image source: ScooterBobb

#7 Is It Normal To Not Want To Discuss The Base Pay?

Image source: ceanothourus

#8 I Like My Boundaries. F*ck’em

Image source: bostiq

#9 I Was 7 Minutes Late To The Friday Morning Meeting This is a sales meeting we have every single where we literally talk about nothing except “let’s go get some sales today”. I’m a top performer btw

Image source: DragonFuelTanker

#10 This Motivational Quote When I Walked In This Morning

Image source: reddit.com

#11 Who’s The Boss Now?

Image source: tylerro2

#12 It Would Have Taken Everything For Me To Not Hit My Boss If This Was Me

Image source: Randry66

#13 Please Note The Timestamps. Any Suggestions On How To Deal With This Outrageous Unfairness?

Image source: KaiaKween

#14 So My Best Friend Just Got This Email… What The Actual F*ck!?

Image source: comrade-linux

#15 This Is The Thermostat In The Office. I Told My Boss That If I’m Going To Work In A Sauna I Do It In The Nude

Image source: bandley3

#16 Never Told A Boss Off Like This. And It Felt Amazing

Image source: frenzzzykid

#17 This Boss Who Loves A Double Standard

Image source: [deleted]

#18 At Work – Where Water Isn’t Free Yo

Image source: RemyBrady

#19 “Entitled Young Generation” She’s The Entitled One

Image source: reddit.com

#20 Text I Received From My Boss While Sick In Bed

Image source: cornpoppickles

“I had told her the day before that I was attempting to look but of course nobody wants to cover. She didn’t respond, so I sent a follow-up text and that was the reply I got. What is this joke about making employees find their own coverage while sick? Literally passed out on the floor being told I need to find coverage? Wtf”

#21 Quit My Job Last Night, It Was Nice To Be Home To Make The Kids Breakfast And Take Them To School Today! Off To Hunt For A New Opportunity, Wish Me Luck

Image source: hestolemysmile

#22 You’re Still Coming In Right?

Image source: ADeadlyFerret

Not me. On my way home and saw this truck in the ditch. I pulled over to see if he needed help but he was already gone.

But there was another guy in the parking lot talking to his boss on the phone. He had sent him the same picture telling his boss he didn’t feel safe. We talked a bit after he got off the phone. His boss was pissed that he asked to go back home.

Young kid probably 19-20. I told him minimum wage wasn’t worth it. Go home look for something better.

These supervisors, managers, companies don’t understand or don’t give a f**k. Ridiculous.

#23 My Friend’s Daughter Helped Out A Restaurant For Six Hours, At £10 Per Hour. This Was The Conversation When She Noticed She Was Only Paid £40

Image source: happypenguinwaddle

#24 The Fact This Was Even A Thought Makes Me Sick

Image source: reddit.com

#25 My Girlfriend’s Boss “Fixed” Everyone’s Schedules After They Were Complaining About Not Getting A Lunch Break On Sunday By Making Them Work 10 Minutes Short Of Being Legally Entitled To One

Image source: Mihr


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