20 Awfully Designed Buildings Shared On This Architecture Shaming Facebook Page

Published 2 years ago

Creating a piece of architecture from scratch is no joke. While perfect planning and great execution can result in wonderful constructions, lack of planning and execution may lead to strange consequences.

A Facebook page named “That’s It, I’m Architecture Shaming – Burn It to the Ground Edition” is dedicated to shaming the most bizarre buildings spotted around the world. From corporate buildings to ugly houses, scroll below to see a collection of weird architectural designs. And if you wish to see more such pics, check out our previous posts here and here.

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#1 Everytime I See These Windows I Do A Double Take. Not For A Good Reason

Image source: Veronica Claussen

#2 Architecture Shaming

Image source: Christopher Edward

#3 Architecture Shaming

Image source: Dianne Butler

#4 When You Open Like 8 Tabs By Mistake

Image source: Christopher Edward

#5 It’s High As A Kite

Image source: Christopher Edward

#6 My Friend Posted This From Vegas… Not Sure The Name Of This Building- I Kinda Dig It- His Comments Were, “It Sure Is Hot In The Desert!”

Image source: Jackie Crowder Clark

#7 Architecture Shaming

Image source: Christopher Edward

#8 Architecture Shaming

Image source: Catherine Digman

#9 Client: What I’m Looking For Is A 1990’s Strip Mall Aesthetic. Think Blockbuster

Image source: Craig Fisher

#10 Windows Shmindows

Image source: Christopher Edward

#11 My BF Sent Me This

Image source: Jewls Keene

#12 Architecture Shaming

Image source: Christopher Edward

#13 The Hills Have Eyes. And So Does This Hilton Head Condo

Image source: Dianne Butler

#14 I Found This Just North Of Petersburg

Image source: Tiffany Prine

#15 I Can Smell The Mold From Here

Image source: Christopher Edward

#16 The International Bank Of Settlements In Basel, Switzerland. With All That Cash Flowing Through, One Would Think They Could Skim Some To At Least Give It A Good Paint Job Or Make The Windows Consistent

Image source: Tony Gillman

#17 When You Live In Arizona & Hate The Heat, But Love Golf. Here Is The House For You!

Image source: Jennifer Doorenbos

#18 A Greenhouse In Lafayette, LA. I Love It And Hate It At The Same Time. Weird Feeling. What Do You Think Of It. (Yes It’s Old And I Hear It May Not Be Around Much Longer)

Image source: Layne Derouen

#19 Losing My Mind At This

Image source: Catherine Digman

#20 Spotted In Vancouver. Windows Look Funny That’s Not Just Me Right

Image source: Cooki Pi

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