After Ice Cream Company Stole His Work, This Artist Came Up With The Best Idea Ever

Published 6 years ago

Now, when you can save everything you find on the Internet, and even worse, copy it, plagiarism becomes a huge problem online. The thing is, that when you copy something and put it only, it is also extremely easy to find out that the artwork has been stolen. And since we already know that even big companies try to steal other artist’s work, we can literally trust no one.

Recently, a former Buzzfeed employee and artist Adam Ellis shared his story on Twiter about a company named Coldstone tracing and stealing some of his work for their Instagram page. Adam could have taken this problem to court, but instead of that, being a chill guy that he is, he offered Coldstone to donate to Inner City Arts, a creative space in Los Angeles, where children can explore their creativity. Since Adam has more than 1 million followers on Twitter, everyone reacted to his tweet, and surely they were mad at Coldstone for plagiarising Adam’s work. About a week ago the company has responded to these claims so Adam Ellis has updated the entire situation showing that there is some light at the end of the tunnel.  Scroll down to see how it all turned out!

More info: Twitter (h/t)

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This is Adam Ellis, an artist who recently quit Buzzfeed to pursue his career

Recently, Ellis posted about ColdStone plagiarising his work and he offered an interesting way to solve this

Take a look at one of his comics showing Adam’s unique drawing style

Now take a look at some of the art that was stolen

Understandably, people were not too happy about Coldstone stealing Adam’s work

And just a couple days ago, Ellis tweeted Coldstone’s response

However, not everyone was happy

Others were excited about the exchange

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