Someone Noticed That Cats In Medieval Paintings Look Really Ugly, And You Can’t Unsee That

Published 6 years ago

We do understand that painting is an incredibly hard work, and we didn’t come here to judge. But… Have you ever noticed how ugly are cats in medieval paintings? While these painters excelled at painting religious scenes, portraits of Royalty and naked ladies, this particular type of pussy offered an altogether different challenge. This list compiled by Bored Panda definitely shows a new and hilarious side of these medieval paintings.


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#1 Yeah… Fish Is Not Gonna Work, You’ll Have To Try Harder

Image source: illutron

#2 Done With Life

Image source: bundyspooks

#3 What A Cutie

Image source: bundyspooks

#4 Cat With Eyebrows

Image source: discardingimages

#5 The True King

Image source: discardingimages

#6 Melancholic Cat Plays The Lyre

Image source: discardingimages

#7 White Cat

Image source: discardingimages

#8 This Must Be A Cat From The Hallucinogenic Meadows Of Scotland

Image source: artmoscow

#9 This Bathing Cat

#10 This Cat Is Starring Into Your Soul

Image source: discardingimages

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