25 Jobs People Think Wouldn’t Be So Bad If They Paid Higher Salaries

Published 4 weeks ago

There are many things we want to be when we grow up. However, when we finally settle into a career it could be far different to your expectations. Recently a Redditor got people thinking what if money, status and material needs weren’t an issue? Is this the job you would choose to do every day? The thought-provoking topic garnered several responses from people, from which we’ve shared the most popular below.

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#1 My dream job is no job. doing whatever I want to do everyday without thinking about income.

Image source: leena615, Ivy Son

#2 Holding baby animals.

Image source: Zealousideal-Dog517, Ache Surya

#3 Steve Irwin’s job. Rest in peace you absolute f*****g legend, I forgive the stingray because I know you would too.

Image source: ogBaddust, pressfoto

#4 Paleontologist. It would be amazing and so fulfilling to add to human knowledge of the history of life on earth. But you have to be creative (or very lucky) to make even a meager living is that field.

Image source: barnett25, Los Muertos Crew

#5 Freelance musician. Just play music all the time, not worry about selling out or stressing over gigs and worrying if the bride is going to be cool or not. Make music for me and if you like it, cool.

Image source: sunshine_is_hot, 42 North

#6 Pro bono veterinarian. Treat animals that would otherwise go untreated.

Image source: jump_the_shark_, International Fund for Animal Welfare

#7 One of those ghosts from A Christmas Carol that haunts rich people and traumatizes them into not being a******s. I would k*ll for that job.

Image source: Archmagos_Browning, animationscreencaps

#8 Doggy daycare!

Image source: frank26080115, Matt Nelson

#9 Traveling food critic.

Image source: PaperFlower14765, animationscreencaps

#10 Psychic detective.

Image source: gleiberkid, cottonbro studio

#11 Animal Sanctuary/Rescue.

Image source: normanr, International Fund for Animal Welfare

#12 Quality tester for a hammock manufacturer.

Image source: IFeelFineFineFine, Asad Photo Maldives

Test 1. Reading in hammock

Test 2. Napping in hammock (15-90 min)

Test 3. Sleeping in hammock (90+ min).

#13 Being a writer .

Image source: Chocolate_Haver, Ron Lach

#14 Forrester/ranger.

Image source: Vinterblad, International Fund for Animal Welfare

#15 Teacher.

Image source: MrVicent, National Cancer Institute

#16 Librarian in a world where you’re free to read any book you wish without fear. Imagine having time to just read while helping others find a love of books.

Image source: Eddie_the_Gunslinger, Alexei Maridashvili

#17 Art.

Image source: Strawhaterza, Daian Gan

#18 Lego artist.

Image source: captain_mojojojo, Alphacolor

#19 Working at a small coffee shop.

Image source: iD-Remus, Porapak Apichodilok

#20 Billionaires daughter.

Image source: queenadanorf, Tyler Harris

#21 Panda Nanny.

Image source: sta4rkman, Diana Silaraja

#22 Can I be the new David Attenborough? He’s getting on a bit and should retire. I’d love to be paid to travel around the world and then provide dramatic voiceovers to things.

Image source: rose636, Gerbert Voortman

#23 Search and rescue. They’re the closest thing we have to superheros.

Image source: Kshi-dragonfly, Inge Wallumrød

#24 90% of what makes or breaks a job for me is co-workers and management. That being said, working at a comic shop is a literal dream some days. You deal with a lot of people who are passionate about what you are selling.

Image source: Jesterfest, Erik Mclean

#25 For me, baker.

Image source: fae206, Vaibhav Jadhav

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