20 Unique Fashion Styles That Designers Really Tried To Pull Off But Ended Up Getting Shamed For

Published 1 year ago

When it comes to fashion, there are some who follow the current trends and then there are those who are brave enough to be experimental. While fashion is somewhat subjective, choosing to create your own style does require courage. These experiments can either be wildly successful and create a hot new trend, or they can go badly wrong and the wannabe fashionista may end up looking ridiculously clownish instead.

The ‘It’s Called FaSHEIN Sweaty’ Facebook group is a fun space dedicated to sharing these rather objectively awful fashion disasters where folks can good-naturedly poke fun at some of the more ridiculously offensive choices. From a beanbag dress to a shoe heel that’s a gun, you really have to see it to believe that some of these interesting designs actually exist.

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#1 My Own Body Does This For Me

Image source: Moriah Wilmas


#2 If My Eyeballs Had To See These, Yours Do Too

Image source: Braedon Hill

#3 Facepalm

Image source: Teresita Gutierrez

#4 It’s Giving Me 5-Minute Crafts Vibes

Image source: Johana Minera

#5 Spotted This In A Bad Taxedermie Group I’m In… What A Beauty! Xd

Image source: Stefanie Aigner

#6 Not Shein But…

Image source: Aimee Clark

#7 Um No!

Image source: Christy Wyrtzen

#8 I Have No Words. Yes, That’s A Handbag

Image source: Megan Mosforth

#9 Why

Image source: Mickayla Vergotine

#10 In Case You Can’t Decide

Image source: Leslie Barber

#11 I Love Weird But This Doesnt Look Very Comfortable

Image source: Annet Houwen

#12 Teeth Vibes

Image source: Bianca Olivas

#13 Exactly The Ring I Was Looking For Thank You Shein

Image source: Kaylee Ingram

#14 Need A Shirt? Use Ur Pants

Image source: Alexa McClain

#15 I’d Say I Hate It But It’s A Love/Hate

Image source: Ess Lea

#16 Brits 2023

Image source: SAM SMITH

#17 Not Shein, But Sure Its Shéiny

Image source: Felicia Felicia

#18 I Recently Had To Throw Away A Cactus Plant That Had A Rotting Disease That Looked Very Similar To This

Image source: Amy Grace Hill

#19 What Is Thiss

Image source: Savannah Paytash

#20 We’re Indeed Living On The Last Days

Image source: Dali Ekapa

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