35 Of The Tackiest Suburban McMansions Spotted In The Wild

Published 7 months ago

During the 1980s in the US, a fad for mass-produced, cheaply constructed buildings saw a rise of “McMansions” located in suburban neighbourhoods. Their high-end location, spaciousness and availability saw a demand from buyers all over the country well until the 2007 housing crisis.

Nowadays however these monstrosities are merely entertainment fodder on the ‘’McMansions Hell‘ page for Netizens to gawk at and speculate about the people who considered these giant suburban eyesores a pseudo-luxury. Scroll below to check out some of the worst constructions we’ve ever seen as shared on this veritable virtual-museumesque page online. 

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#1 This May Be The Worst I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: Clockmerk

oktopus: “When you order a castle from wish.com”

#2 ‘slightly’ Overdesigned House, Wildwood, Nj, Can This Be Mcmansion?

Image source: tanmaypendse63

#3 The Air Control Tower Is A Major Selling Point

Image source: throwaway62379

#4 Meanwhile In Germany

Image source: Kaeseschorle

James016When the Window Tax is abolished. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Window_tax

#5 I Think This Qualifies!

Image source: Barneythepup

RobNice view from the house, especially as you won’t be able to see the house whilst looking at the lake;

#6 Abandoned $200 Million Mcmansion Hellscape In Turkey

Image source: Cobi_Fox

LibstakThis is ludicrous and BTW doesn’t Turkey have a huge middle east refugee problem? How about fixing some basic power and water issues and putting some refugees here for processing? I mean, what a freaking waste.

#7 When Pizza Hut Is Life

Image source: SkyeAuroline

FabulousMariThey better watch out… no one out pizza’s the hut!

#8 Is This House Pregante?

Image source: oh_woah

Jihana: When you eat too many beans

#9 My First Attempt At This

Image source: caddy77040

#10 The Most Literal Example Of A Mcmansion I’ve Ever Seen – 1,122 Sq Ft

Image source: syzygialchaos

JoMeBeeWhaaaaat?!? This looks like a revenge house…

#11 Joel Osteen’s Horrendous Mess Of A Dupe-Cash Funded Mchellhole

Image source: TheRealAntiher0

hitexMay God have mercy on his soul – no true man of God lives in such a fashion

#12 Someone Is Building This. On Purpose

Image source: allfood_for_thought

#13 Dormers? Yeah I Have Those

Image source: onkey11

oktopus: Redneck McMansion.

#14 To Me, My X-Men

Image source: zeromig

howdyleeThe plan is even an X… I want to see the floorplan!

#15 Has 10 Bedrooms And Costs $1 Mil, Somehow Still Manages To Look Like A Mobile Home

Image source: CrudeAsAButton

James016: You can take the person out of the trailer park….

#16 “I Told The Developers To Go F**k Themselves”

Image source: Rd28T

#17 Loganville Georgia. Spec Built, 19,000 Sf. Initially Listed By Builder For $2.6m, Foreclosed & Sold For $374,900

Image source: chewedupbylife

#18 10/10 Attempt To Make The Ugliest House Imaginable

Image source: BlindMuffin

hitexWTF is with the tiny hexagon windows? Ran out of materials?

#19 Love How They Put Windows On Everything But The Bump Out

Image source: strawberry_sluxt

howdylee: Where else you gonna put the gigantic flat screen tv?

#20 I Pass By This House Daily. It’s So Gaudy It Makes Me Gag

Image source: rowstring

Javelina PoppersDid they add a garage when each kid started driving?

#21 Texas Never Disappoints

Image source: PissInTheCumBucket

#22 Garage Mahal

Image source: LardoftheFries

Kobe (she)I don’t mind the design of the garage. It is the size ( way too big ) that bothers me. It overshadows the house. But hey – I hate the house anyway… too little colour, too much glass no personality, no plants, no curtains, … so…

#23 “You Ever See One Of Those Ramada Inns? Yeah, Make It Look Like That”

Image source: bdd1001

#24 I Shake My Head Every Single Time I Pass This Bad Boy

Image source: Cheetodustinthewind

1When you spend big money to update your facade but then forget you live on a corner lot.

#25 Suburban Mcmansions!!!!!!!!!!! In Texas!!!!!!! No Privacy!!!!!

Image source: reddit.com

#26 The Saddest Castle In Florida

Image source: tortillapatch

GoldfishCrackersWhen I see no landscaping like this I’m always perplexed. Some may argue that landscaping costs money, but you know, so does watering, mowing, and maintaining a ton of grass… so why not pick the visually appealing option?

#27 Check Out This Monstrosity

Image source: fishchipslopez

#28 When You Defeat All The Other Mcmansions, Then You Have To Fight The End Boss

Image source: AbstractBettaFish

Nice Beast LudoI wonder how many randos come banging on the door at 2 am thinking its a fancy mcd’s

#29 Does Anyone Else Absolutely Loathe The Dugger Estate?

Image source: BlueOpal69

TrdFrgsnThe hypocrisy of that family, their tv show and their church is all represented in that skid mark of a home.

#30 Went Mcmansion Hunting On Zillow Because I Couldn’t Fall Asleep And Found This In Texas

Image source: TheLeftOutOne

Javelina PoppersEarly Irish Byzantine?

#31 Houses Like This Always Bugged Me And I Never Could Figure Out Why Until I Saw This

Image source: brunnette-09

JoMeBeeIt like the house equivalent of the mullet: wealth in the front, poverty in the back

#32 Mansion Needs A Chiropractor

Image source: fork_fork_fork

SPARKIZEReminds me of crooked bottom teeth 😬

#33 Spotted On My Instagram Page By A Roofing Company Showing Off Their Work

Image source: theonlyiainever

Nannychachi (edited): If they can roof that nasty monstrosity, they can roof anything. They deserve their brag.

#34 What Possible Reason? I Just Don’t Understand And I Have So Many Questions…

Image source: chewedupbylife

Annik PerrotDoes it fold back in?

#35 Indian Ridge Failed Mcmansion Development Near Branson Missouri. Always Drove By This Pitiful Sight During Summers

Image source: Seagaulll

OhnoI’vebeencensoredWow, never seen a house with leprosy before.

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