30 Hilarious Design Fails By Architects That Clearly Did Not Think Their Projects Through

Published 1 year ago

One of the strangest phenomenons of growing older is the utter fascination that seems to develop with home design. From architecture to interior design, the adult brain seems enthralled with these elements of beautifying our living space. 

While we can appreciate good architecture, if you are looking to get into some renovation beware that there are some whose talents may not be on par with your expectations. Though they classify themselves as professionals, their work may prove to be anything but. So check out some of the biggest fails people have had to deal with from the r/BadArchitecture and r/ArchitectureFails subreddits. Not only do some of these structural designs lack taste, but they also come off as somewhat dangerous not to mention pointless and absurd.

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#1 But Why?

Image source: RrennerR

#2 This Flight Of Stairs Right Outside A Bedroom

Image source: Vjaa

#3 Something About This Shower In My Old Childhood House

Image source: Edersonson

#4 This Combination Staircase/Cellar/ Bathroom Gets Worse Every Second You Look At It

Image source: GdoubleWB

#5 Stair

Image source: HimD98

#6 That’s Not A Kitchen Island. Kitchen Lagoon?

Image source: kansasdaylily

#7 Start Small, And Then Just Expand! House In Cambodia

Image source: ratmanhog99

#8 This House

Image source: kaupas24

#9 I Want To Understand… I Really Do

Image source: raisincain1

#10 I Feel Like Something Is Missing

Image source: Deadddd5

#11 There’s No Entrance To The Balcony Except For That Little Window

Image source: ulku6

#12 This Just P**ses Me Off

Image source: megnut01

#13 2bedroom House With A Balcony !

Image source: theZiMRA

#14 Watch That First Step, It’s A Doozy!

Image source: yamahaphil

#15 This Door Makes Me Mad

Image source: borntodie232

#16 *clap*

Image source: karavedran

#17 Seems Pretty Useless

Image source: TheAirPlusUnion

#18 Luxury Spanish Colonial Revival Prison Style Apartments

Image source: imoshochu

#19 New Wall They Made At My Work

Image source: megnut01

#20 A Square House On Top Of A Tower ??

Image source: lamasypatoche

#21 Control C + Control V X 10000000000

Image source: I_Am_A_Music_Fan

#22 Just A New Build Ground Floor Flat Facing A Busy Road

Image source: abaday789

#23 Doors To ???

Image source: grilledcheesegobrr

#24 An Apartment In London That Has No Front Door. Just A Set Of Stairs Leading Up To A Window

Image source: Lord-Crimble

#25 Seriously? Just “Y”? As A Designer This Is So Grating

Image source: indyarchyguy

#26 Feel Sorry For The Person Who Thought It Was A Fire Escape

Image source: noah-dee33

#27 Why?

Image source: Owdagu

#28 Big Brain Roof Access Placement

Image source: fixingbysmashing

#29 Nice Job

Image source: Am-bad-cheater

#30 Architecture At It’s Peak

Image source: reddit.com

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