Hilariously Photoshopped House Listing Goes Viral, People On Twitter Start Having Fun ‘Improving’ It

Published 4 years ago

There’s a general knowledge that if you want to sell or rent out a house or an apartment, it has to look presentable. Clean surfaces, cozy interior, nice furniture is more than enough. Unless… unless you want to take it to the next level! Which the people who shared this listing just did. And boy, did they go viral for their efforts (and Photoshop skills).

“Losing my [damn] mind at these apartment listing photos,” Caitie Delaney, one Twitter user, wrote upon sharing the screenshots of the Los Angeles listing. And we have to agree—they really are mind-boggling. There’s a reason graphic designers exist, you know! Scroll down below to have a good laugh!

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Image credits: caitiedelaney

At first, the listing seems very ordinary-looking

Image credits: hotpads

Image credits: hotpads

Image credits: hotpads

Image credits: hotpads

Image credits: hotpads

Image credits: hotpads

Until it’s not

Image credits: hotpads

Image credits: hotpads

Image credits: hotpads

Image credits: hotpads

“Be the first to live in this amazing cottage,” the listing reads. “Not your typical 1920’s back house, this great home has been totally reimagined and reborn as an amazing modern home, retaining its classic look and feel. The best of both ‘worlds’ can be yours.”

The “best-of-both-worlds” cottage has gained some popularity since being shared on social media. Caitie’s viral Twitter thread amassed more than 50k likes and over 3k retweets. And honestly, it just made our day a little bit better.

In addition to its “classic look and feel,” the house also has an “attractive yard, your ‘own’ patio (interesting how the word ‘own’ has quotes, hm), nearby parks and equestrian areas provide great space for work and play.” And it can be yours for a little bit over 3k/a month. What a bargain!

Soon enough, people on Twitter started upgrading the listing

Image credits: sjroland

Image credits: AckeHallgren

Image credits: SpencerVann

Image credits: RazerWolf

Image credits: Joshua_Mikel

Image credits: Gnosti_heretic

Image credits: SlugLife0607

Image credits: tononymous

Image credits: MattExford

Image credits: LaurenReaditt

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