30 Most Breathtaking Pics Of Architectural Wonders Around The World, As Shared In This Online Group (New Pics)

Published 2 years ago

Some buildings look so beautiful and amazing that people can’t help but wonder who designed them. Kudos to all those architects who put their creativity, time, and effort to make those really great masterpieces!

There are many impressive structures around the world that deserves to be seen by everyone and this Reddit group aims to share high-quality pictures of all those architectural beauties. Scroll below to see some of their best posts. And if you want more, check out our previous articles here and here.

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#1 The Reading Room – Royal Portuguese Cabinet Of Reading – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Image source: rockystl

#2 Nasir-Ol-Molk Mosque, Also Known As Pink Mosque, A Traditional Shiraz Mosque, Iran

Image source: KantKay11

#3 Stained Glass Ceiling Hotel – Gran Hotel Ciudad De México, Mexico City

Image source: Roman_guy24

#4 Hawa Mahal In Jaipur, India

Image source: royalbluesword

#5 Preserved Edo Period Neighborhood In Japan

Image source: spencerelwin

#6 Persian Mosque

Image source: solomanian

#7 Spellbinding Bookstore In Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Image source: Amalrachdi

#8 Kylemore Abbey In The Fog, Connemara, Galway, Ireland

Image source: I_am_person6969

#9 Paris, France

Image source: Amalrachdi

#10 This Restaurant In Paris Looking Like A Museum

Image source: QuantumChemistryNerd

#11 Ukraine – Lviv, Staircase In The House Of Scientists

Image source: BedroomFrequent1830

#12 Les Espaces D’abraxas, France

Image source: drool66

#13 Castillo De Colomares, Spain

Image source: Kunstkurator

#14 The Fox Theater’s Stage From The Main Floor

Image source: CrotchWolf

#15 Four Seasons Resort. Bali

Image source: PartyFox4264

#16 Niagara Mohawk Building Built In Art Deco Style, NYC

Image source: hotlineBYDGOSZCZ

#17 Hans & Gretel Pancake House In Zeewolde, Netherlands

Image source: Amalrachdi

#18 Art Nouveau Facade Of A Jewelry Store In Lille, Hauts-De-France, Northern France

Image source: ManiaforBeatles

#19 Spectacular Adalaj Stepwell In Ahmedabad, India

Image source: royalbluesword

#20 The Inflatable “Gaia” Installation In The 18th Century Baroque Painted Hall Of The Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London, UK

Image source: ManiaforBeatles

#21 Romanian Athenaeum, Bucharest

Image source: VENEPSl488

#22 A Beautiful House Surrounded By Rock And Trees In Hrensko

Image source: EducationalModel

#23 The Iconic San Francisco Cliff House Before It Was Destroyed In A 1907 Fire

Image source: senorphone1

#24 Hammam Essalihine Is A Roman Bathhouse Still In Use After 2,000 Years In Khenchela, Algeria

Image source: KantKay11

#25 Astronomical Tower In Prague, Czech Republic

Image source: Amalrachdi

#26 Château Frontenac, Quebec City, Canada

Image source: HeStoleMyBalloons

#27 Leuven Town Hall (1448-1469) Belgium, One Of The Best-Known Gothic Town Halls Worldwide & It Took Three Architects And Thirty Years To Build It

Image source: Amalrachdi

#28 Mvrdv’s Brand New Housing Complex In Amsterdam, Netherlands

Image source: Teillu

#29 Pietragalla, Italy

Image source: Nabil213

#30 Kailasa Temple In Ellora, India Made From A Single Rock

Image source: royalbluesword

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