30 Photos Of Embroidered Works That Might Inspire You To Take Up Embroidery As Your New Hobby

Published 1 year ago

Embroidery is a creative hobby that’s challenging but rewarding at the same time. Isn’t it amazing that so many beautiful things can be created with just one needle, a few colorful threads, and a piece of cloth?

A Reddit group called r/Embroidery is an online community where people from all around the world share their brilliant embroidery projects. Scroll below to see some of the impressive works posted recently on the group. And if you want to the older ones, check out our previous posts here and here.

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#1 Luna Moth, My First Attempt At A 3D Effect

Image source: BigFatJoints

#2 Embroidery Project Finished (988 Days Later)

Image source: HumbleNorthHamilton

#3 Floral Embroidered Denim Jacket- One Year In The Making!

Image source: ExperienceMotor1694

#4 My New Work,poppy Flowers Field

Image source: Tutku_embroidery

#5 White Swan On A Black Lake

Image source: Tutku_embroidery

#6 Beginner. My Friend Asked Me To Repair Her Favorite Jacket With Some Embroidery. The Jacket Was In A Real Poor State, But I Said Yes, And Now It’s Done! Hopefully Now She Can Love The Jacket A Few More Years!

Image source: Mindbogglingloops

#7 A Cat Portrait I Recently Embroidered. I Experimented With Dmc, Anchor, And Cosmo Threads For Fun

Image source: Florally

#8 My Absolute Favourite So Far. From The Book The Queen In The Cave By Julia Sarda. Took About 45 Hours

Image source: abbykos

#9 That’s A Smile You Have When Posing With 100 Moths You Hand Embroidered. Am I Proud Of Myself? Oh Yes, I Am!

Image source: MossAndFloss

#10 My Mom Made This Decades Ago. It Has Hung In My Childhood Home As Long As I Can Remember, And I Only Recently Realized How Incredible It Actually Is

Image source: BigBepper

#11 My First Building!

Image source: kenz024

#12 Kosher Dills

Image source: pearpeachplums

#13 You All Liked My Squid Patch, Now Here’s A Deep Sea Anglerfish!!

Image source: tapirsaurusrex

#14 Ten Piece Chicken Wings With Fries

Image source: cremepat

#15 I Started My Own Embroidery Journal A Year Ago And Managed To Stick With It!

Image source: sewvulgar

#16 My Original Idea! This Is My Niece’s Drawing I Made Into A Framed Embroidery Piece For My Sister. I Framed It Myself. Let’s See How Far This Makes It Before It’s Deleted/Hidden Or Whatever Keeps Happening

Image source: fujoshisoulfood

#17 My Oaks

Image source: NaqsheKhial

#18 Serval In An Oval Hoop

Image source: a_warm_garlic_yurt

#19 I Stitched Some Bees To Show All The Jobs They Take On In A Hive!

Image source: iLabrador

#20 I Designed A Festive Screaming Possum Who I Think Reflects My Thoughts Regarding This Time Of Year. Merry Chrysler!

Image source: The-Artful-Possum

#21 Portrait Embroidery On 7” Hoop

Image source: Miuembroidery

#22 Some Landscapes I Finished Recently!

Image source: untiltuesday

#23 Send This To Your Internet Trolls

Image source: iLabrador

#24 My First Original Embroidery Design

Image source: cindoc75

#25 My First Embroidery Is A Tiny Wooly Garden By The Brook

Image source: tinastinythings

#26 Silk Ribbon Embroidery On Wool Beret. Hand Embroidered

Image source: linenandfred

#27 After 20+ Years Of Not Picking Up A Needle, I Decided To Try This Little Number From Etsy. 485,836,947,235 French Knots Later, It’s Finished

Image source: LizzieTeaOhBee

#28 Just Finished A Memorial Portrait For A Friend’s Uncle!

Image source: schmowd3r

#29 Finished A Gift For My Mother! The Spider Webs Glow In The Dark!

Image source: freeeicecream

#30 My Cousin Got Married In August. Finally Finished With Her Gift, Just Need To Add A Date

Image source: MaddCricket

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