35 Homes That Stole The Show With Stunning Thanksgiving Decor

Published 7 months ago

As the holiday season approaches, families across the country are gearing up to celebrate Thanksgiving, a time for gratitude, togetherness, and, of course, delicious feasts. One aspect that adds an extra layer of joy to this festive occasion is the creativity and effort people put into decorating their homes.

Let’s explore some instances where individuals truly won at decking out their living spaces for Thanksgiving, showcasing a delightful array of decorations that range from charming and traditional to downright whimsical.

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#1 My Grandmother’s Table For Canadian Thanksgiving

Image source: pocketyawn

Katy McMouse : “I don’t see clutter, I see a grandma who loves roosters and sets a cozy table. It’s lovely and now I miss my mum.”

#2 Felt Like I Was Dining At A Super Nice Restaurant

Image source: thedailycher

#3 Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Image source: ansleyglenn_realestate

sbj : “Pearfect centrepiece”

#4 My Mom Told Me To Decorate The Thanksgiving Table And Then She Just Left

Image source: Ellekm730

Angela B : “Unbeleafably creative.”

Marcellus II : “So “In my defence I was left unsupervised”? Thats how I explain most things.”

#5 Cozy Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Image source: commonvanilla

Auntriarch : “Beautiful table”

#6 This Year’s Thanksgiving Tablescape Is A Homage To All Things Harvest

Image source: newenglanddesignmama

sbj : “Looks lovely but is there going to be enough room for all the food”

Kookamunga : “There could be separate buffet or sideboard with dishes.”

#7 My Mom Put Me In Charge Of The Thanksgiving Centerpiece This Year

Image source: NOVApls

Katy McMouse : “She obviously picked the right person for the job. Do you do nativity scenes? (asking for a friend)…”

#8 It’s Fall Tablescape

Image source: littlehouseonchestnut

The Mediterranean Fruit : “This one is really pretty but it looks like it would be impossible to comfortably eat here without destroying the decor.”

#9 A Neighbor Put Out The “Thanksgiving” Decorations

Image source: SDMusic

Green Machine : “Almost seems to be anti-Thanksgiving?”

#10 My Cat Likes To Munch On Real Flowers, So I Made Some Paper Ones With My Maker For A Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Image source: strangermusic

Tempest : “But I hope you gave your cat some real flowers to munch on too!”

#11 Paper Flower Mural For Thanksgiving Decoration

Image source: ngvaynshtok

Montanavanna : “These paper flowers are gorgeous!”

#12 Took This Picture Around Thanksgiving, But This Is A Turkey Made Out Of Book Pages. My Local Library Did It

Image source: Roushhouse

C L : “Darn impressive but I hope the pages didn’t come from the merchandise”

#13 Hosting My First Thanksgiving For Friends, Went With Purple Fall Accents

Image source: Electrical_Tomato

ratties rule18 : “Beautiful!”

#14 This Thanksgiving Decoration At My Mom’s House Looks Like A Turkey From South Park

Image source: jcmib

Katy McMouse : “Definitely a Cartman.”

#15 Thanksgiving Table

Image source: Bloomlady

FlipperDoodle : “Beautiful colors that blend and compliment 😍”

#16 Minimalistic Thanksgiving Table

Image source: tachete

#17 My Transitional November Decor Made Its Appearance In My Living Room This Afternoon

Image source: mountains_to_michigan

Paul C. : “I’m so jealous of our American friends celebration of Thanksgiving. Best wishes to you all.”

#18 I Know, A Lot Of You Are Way Past Fall And On To Your Christmas Decor, But I Can’t Think About Christmas Until After Thanksgiving. Here Are Some Of My Mini Fall Accessories I Made

Image source: WhitneyLaBrie

#19 Thanksgiving Decorations In Wylie

Image source: mirandatree

#20 One Of My Thanksgiving Pilgrim Decorations Broke, But I Found A Way To Improve It

Image source: LizT4Y

Auntriarch : ” And she’s looking like “it wasn’t me””

#21 I Love Using Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables In Place Of Flowers, Especially This Time Of The Year

Image source: timelesshome

#22 The Countdown To Thanksgiving Dinner Is On. Getting Our Table Set And Ready Is Something That Brings Me Such Joy

Image source: gretchenblack

#23 Is Thanksgiving Decor Even A Thing? It’s Probably More Just “Fall” Leftovers. But This Year I’m Going To Make It A Thing. So Here Is My Thanksgiving Entry Decor

Image source: idahomebody

#24 Are You Team Decorate Or Team Cook When It Comes To Thanksgiving Dinner Prep? I’ll Choose Decorating Any Day Over Cooking

Image source: blesserhouse

#25 Thanksgiving Is A Time To Gather Together, Be Grateful, And Make Memories With Our Loved Ones To Have For Years To Come

Image source: ginghamandbows

#26 From Our Table To Yours Happy Thanksgiving

Image source: cl_events

#27 Don’t Worry, We Haven’t Forgotten About Thanksgiving. Faux Pumpkins And Fall Florals Come In Handy For Decor To Last All Season

Image source: ltk.home

#28 Just Enjoying Some Very Much “Still Fall No Christmas Here” Yet Decor

Image source: themerrythought

#29 Cozy Little Autumn Wagon For Thanksgiving

Image source: humanteabag

#30 Past Week Or So I’ve Been Slowly Working On These Paper Mache Pumpkins And They’re Finished Just In Time For Thanksgiving

Image source: adele_fisher_art

#31 Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Has The Best Turkey Of All? I Do. Isn’t This The Best Turkey Ever? Talk About Conversation Piece

Image source: decor_ate_with_sharon

#32 Does Everyone Else Set Their Thanksgiving Table Days Ahead So You Don’t Have To Even Think About It On Turkey Day

Image source: amandacut2thechase

#33 I Absolutely Adore These Pumpkins Of Varying Sizes, Steering Clear Of The Classic Bright Orange. It’s Simple, Yet So Elegant And Inviting

Image source: amadadecor

#34 We Interrupt The Christmas Craze To Give A Little Nod To Thanksgiving

Image source: blakebydesign

#35 This Is A Thanksgiving Tray I Put Together A Few Years Ago. The Words On The Three Little Pumpkins Say It All

Image source: dining_delight

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