25 Breathtaking Photos Showing That Norway Is Unlike Any Other Country

Published 4 months ago

Nestled in the heart of Scandinavia, Norway is a land of breathtaking landscapes, picturesque fjords, and vibrant cities. Whether you’re planning a visit or simply have a keen interest in exploring this corner of the world from the comfort of your screen, there’s no better place to start than the subreddit r/NorwayPics.

This online community serves as a digital gateway to the beauty and diversity that Norway has to offer, showcasing the country through the lenses of both locals and visitors alike. Check out some of their amazing posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Somewhere In Norway

Image source: ENG-zwei

Roan The Demon Kitty: “that “somewhere” is Brenndalsbreen :)”

#2 Norway Lake

Image source: ENG-zwei

Lyone Fein: “I long to drink this water.”

#3 The Incredible Aurora At My Cabin In Oppdal Last Saturday

Image source: northcode

Erla Zwingle: “It’s the light on the snow that’s really stunning.”

#4 Mads Nordsveen Saw This Xxtremely Rare White Baby Reindeer While Hiking In Norway

Image source: AnselmDecker

I agree with you but…: “Best Norwegian name.”

Chan Sue Lynn: “This has to be the most cutest thing that i need to see my whole life….”

Maisey Myles: “I wanna hug”

#5 Skiing Under The Stars In Norway

Image source: Jamila_Alzaabii

Lyone Fein: “Again I have to ask if this photo is capturing the “stunning beauty” of the night sky in Norway, or is it just capturing something from inside someone’s AI assisted mind?”

Susan Bosse: “Oh wow. Definitely on the bucket list!”

#6 Norway Is Another World

Image source: FattDegPaHjernen

Daniela Lavanza: “Stunning!”

Birgit Sommer: “If it wasn’t for all that snow and cold, I’d be so moving there!”

#7 A River Camp In Norway

Image source: ENG-zwei

Bobert Robertson: “I’m never leaving…. especially if I could open the window and cast a line into the river”

bean overlord (she/they): “i love the floor to ceiling windows that allow you to fully see the beauty of the river, even from inside”

#8 View From My Living Room Earlier In September, Near Trondheim

Image source: The_PianoGuy

#9 Northern Lights Last Night (Harstad, Troms Og Finnmark)

Image source: _nerdenough

Lyone Fein: “I have never seen the Northern Lights in person, so I would like to ask about this photo: Is it possible for the lights to be these rainbow colors, orare they really only that greenish hue?”

Roan The Demon Kitty: “It’s technically possible, but in most scenarios it will be green, other colours are rare. A lot of the pictures you’ll see online have the saturation/brightness and hues boosted, too, so they look much more colourful etc. Though I was lucky enough to see them in Finland, and they had a blue-green hue, and even then they are captivating!”

#10 Routes Between Islands In Norway

Image source: lamatamimi

Jeff White: “Must be Lofoten, the most beautiful place on Earth”

#11 Alesund, Norway

Image source: silveryspoons

Lyone Fein: “Beautiful”

The voice of reason: “Reminds me of an old fashion fairy tale scene.”

#12 Mountains Of Northern Norway (Tomas Havel)

Image source: ENG-zwei

Gia SDP: “Breathtakingly beautiful!”

#13 Pulpit Rock, Norway

Image source: NoLongerNorwaysTroll

Sven Horlemann: “I get weak knees looking at the guy standing there.”

#14 A Norwegian One Room Cabin

Image source: ENG-zwei

sbj: “I see the neighbours are already there to meet any visitors”

#15 World’s Largest Ginger Bread Town, Bergen, Norway

Image source: ENG-zwei

sbj: “Looks like a Christmas card”

#16 Senja, Norway

Image source: ENG-zwei

#17 Lillehammer, Mesna

Image source: Mayungi

#18 Fantoft Stave Church, Bergen

Image source: reddit.com

Nilsen: “This is a copy of the original medieval stave church, built in 1997 after the old one was burned down in 1992.”

#19 Fishing Village In Norway

Image source: NoLongerNorwaysTroll

evijapakalnina: “I just did a jigsaw if this view💕”

#20 A Guardian Of Tromsø

Image source: ENG-zwei

#21 Svalbard, Northern Norway

Image source: astromadman36

#22 The Beauty Of Nature In Norway

Image source: Jamila_Alzaabii

Daniela Lavanza: “Norway in winter is something worth seeing, but in summer, it’s marvelous.”

#23 Nusfjord, Norland, Norway

Image source: ENG-zwei

sbj: “I could sit there the whole day”

#24 Låtefossen, Norway

Image source: Northlandscapes

#25 Vindhellavegen – Part Of The Old King’s Road In Norway

Image source: FredrikThaBrave

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