20 People Break Down The ‘Beauty Privilege’ That Attractive People Get

Published 12 months ago

According to an experiment conducted in 2005 that emulated the hiring process, employers were more likely to give a 10.5% higher salary to attractive candidates over unattractive ones. This circumstance has been dubbed the ‘beauty premium’ by psychologists. 

In an attempt to understand this phenomenon, one Redditor posted a question asking, “What’s something attractive people can do that ugly people can’t?” The thread quickly blew up with many people responding and we’ve chosen a few of the more particularly thought-provoking answers to share with you below. 

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Image source: MyaGiselle, imdb

Playing the male role in romantic movie. If the guy from 50 shades of Gray was overweight and balding it would be a horror flick.


Image source: LadyGlitch, MART PRODUCTION

When I was smaller, I:
– was called a bombshell
– male friends had crushes on me
– I got free drinks at the bar
– I was let off a stunting ticket without a warning
– got cat called
– worked as a waitress
– men came to me

When I gained 50 lbs, I:
– was told never to wear a certain pair of leggings again
– get screamed at/called fat by homeless people
– buy my own drinks
– have trouble finding a waitressing job
– was given a stunting ticket
– male friends became platonic and say “you’re pretty, you’ll find someone”
– get rejected constantly

Edit; forgot to add being skinnier you have a better “fashion sense”. My chonky self has an awesome sense of fashion but if I wore half the s**t I wanted to I would get laughed at!


Image source: naneundalamjwiimnida, Andrea Piacquadio

Getting noticed quickly and hence promotions quickly- ive realized its easier to climb the corporate ladder being attractive and lazy than ugly and hardworking


Image source: DesolatePeach, Keira Burton

I’ve had one of my friends get rejected because the girl found the best friend of that guy (me) to be too ugly.

My friend got rejected because IM UGLY.


Image source: _Quiet-Storm_, Katerina Holmes

Always having dating options. Not actively seeking out potential partners. Potential partners seek them out.


Image source: Apollo_T_Yorp, Himanshu Choudhary

Go out broke and come home drunk


Image source: Lovingnature412, Vera Arsic

Flirt without cringe backlash


Image source: BlipBlorpz, Wendy Wei

Singer / artist. Even though looks have nothing to do with talent. Makes me wonder how many amazing voices are not being heard because the record company old fat dudes don’t think the artist is hot


Image source: PrincePupert, meijii

Be into weird s**t but it’s still cool, like anime, if you’re ugly and into anime you’re a “weirdo freak”. But if you’re hot and into Anime “OMG you like anime? That’s so cool, you’re so artsy and edgy” lmfao


Image source: AlternativeQueen, Viktoria Slowikowska

I dated an extremely attractive charismatic man once. It was genuinely scary what he could pull off, he could definitely be a cult leader. Now when I go on dates if I see their charisma manipulating situations it’s an instant no. Sh*ts scary


Image source: Fickle-Hovercraft207, RDNE Stock project

Receive the fastest service from bartenders. Cut lines. Have prospective employers “see potential” and attain jobs without being totally qualified.


Image source: Independent_Ad_5664, Katerina Holmes

Haggling for price reductions on anything. I seriously had a friend who got discounted gas at the gas station from the owners son. She was hot with annoying baby voice and played dumb even with her phd and it almost always worked.


Image source: Season_Traditional, Aliakbar Nosrati

I have a good-looking business partner. We are constantly delegating tasks based on whether we need Sasquatch or Captain America.


Image source: MonkeyPunx, ADDICTIVE_STOCK

Anyone can ask, but attractive people are so much more likely to get help from strangers. Just a sad little twisted fact of life.


Image source: winifredsummers, emmachamberlain

Dressing bad. Attractive people can wear literal rags and look go. Ugly people have to dress to the 9 just to have a chance.


Image source: StabbyPants, mirror.co.uk

get out of prison for a felony, immediately get a modeling contract and start dating an heiress


Image source: awesome12442, Mikhail Nilov

Mess up at their job/ life in general. They will always not get blamed and get help from everybody. My friend got yelled at at her job for sending a shipment of mail to the wrong zip code. When she explained that it wasn’t her, but her pretty coworker Vanessa that did it, the supervisor’s mood immediately changed, and said “oh, she must have just not known”. Infuriating.


Image source: claudinecaldero, Valeria Ushakova

Yeah, its called the halo effect. We tend to assume attractive people are nicer and smarter.


Image source: RagingHolly, Liza Summer

People will go completely out of their way to do things for them. Moving? Something broke? Card declined? Someone will help them.


Image source: vanillaISISISISbaby, Budgeron Bach

My weight fluctuates due to depressive episodes and I 100% see a stark difference in social interactions. Lots of eye contact and casual touching when I am skinnier. When babies stare at me in public places like grocery stores I always smile and wave and when I am skinny parents tend to say things like “say hi to the nice man” or some such pleasantries and when I am larger people tend to need something in the other aisle immediately.

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