25 Stunning ‘Before and After’ Art Transformations That Showcase Artists’ Dedication

Published 9 months ago

The journey of being an artist includes taking countless risks and even making a few “happy little accidents” along the way. If you keep practicing, progress is bound to come knocking on your creative door!

The subreddit ‘Art Progress Pics‘ offers artists a platform to exhibit their creations and demonstrate the rewards of their diligent efforts. Let’s check out some before and after pics of their amazing artwork, and let’s take these as a reminder that no matter where you are in your artistic journey, there’s always room to grow, transform, and make a masterpiece out of your raw talent.

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#1 I Like To Draw An Eyeball Every Few Years To Mark My Progress, This Year I’m Really Proud

Image source: u/banandria

Pancake_Pansexual_Panda : “I thought second pic was a photo! HOW??!!! I wanna be a artist but my Asian parents want me to be a doctor…”

LokisLilButterknife : “My brain refuses to accept that this isn’t a photograph.”

#2 Now Compared To Middle School! About A 10 Year Difference – Little Me Would Be Proud

Image source: u/peaches-n-mint

#3 My Art Progress (Oct 2022 – Jul 2023)

Image source: u/Owli0

#4 Art Progress July 2022 vs. August 23 (I Didn’t Draw For 6 Months After July 2022)

Image source: u/veritas_art_02

Ditto : “oh wow the second one looks so real!”

#5 Progress 2019 vs. 2021

Image source: instagram.com

#6 My Portraiture Journey From 2018-2023

Image source: u/lizllancaster

#7 2015 (Undiagnosed ADHD) vs. 2023 (Treating It)

Image source: u/rorizzh

Emberlynn Peterson : “I have severe ADHD wich means I have both. 3 out of 10K people have Severe ADHD. it sucks. We have tried everything to treat my ADHD but nothing works. (We have tried pills,fidgets,therapy, etc basically everything in the book) any suggestions?”

Ditto : “that is hella impressive, the textures on the second one is amazing”

Terry Hecht : “I find that having adhd, is the source of my creativity, I never run out of ideas! It just learning to pick one that’s hard lol, and having discipline to finish what I started. I am 72, it gets better as you age.”

#8 2021 vs. 2022

Image source: u/csart20

#9 The Left Picture Is Of A Beholder, And The Right One Is Of A Beholder Zombie From Dungeons And Dragons

Image source: u/AxolotlEatsCakepops

#10 First Time I Tried Drawing Gwen (2-3 Years Ago I Think) vs. 1 Week Ago

Image source: u/Infamous-Bonus9240

#11 From 2014 To Now

Image source: u/CVNTSUPREME

#12 3 Years Of Improvement In Digital Art

Image source: u/Unusual_Issue_7087

#13 2020 – 2023

Image source: u/Embarrassed-Bet-8385

Pancake_Pansexual_Panda : “The artist should be a designer for a video game!”

Ditto : “Oh damn, so much growth in 3 years, the first one is amazing too but wow thats impressive”

#14 2015 V. 2021 (6 Years Apart, Same Character)

Image source: u/ikealamps2

#15 2021- 2023 And I Still Don’t Know How To Draw Hair

Image source: u/bokaljo

#16 Self-Portrait Progress (April 2022 – April 2023)

Image source: u/jedoodles

Ozymann- : “i love both of them, the first is nicely stylized, the second still has a touch of style but is more realistic. really depends on what you prefer though.”

#17 2019 vs. 2023

Image source: u/dylanishappy

#18 A Portrait From A Couple Of Years Ago (Not Totally Sure Since I Didn’t Date It Because I’m Dumb) vs. A Portrait From Yesterday. I Have A Lot To Learn Still But I’m Very Proud Of My Improvement! Never Throw Your Old Art Away, Otherwise You Can’t See How Far You’ve Come!

Image source: u/koodallas

#19 Found This At My Late Grandma’s Place And Redrew It (Probably 1997 And 2021)

Image source: u/SchwartzArt

Nykky : “Generic Dinosaur® to dilophosaurus”

#20 The Only Two Times I’ve Drawn Elephants In My Life

Image source: u/ABucketofBeetles

#21 Tiger And Phoenix, 15 Year Difference. Still Looking To Improve

Image source: u/Art_in_Science

#22 Progress 2004 vs. 2023

Image source: andrea_fara_art

Ditto : “The second picture is my reaction to seeing the picture, that is amazing!”

LokisLilButterknife : “I honestly thought that the portrait on the right was a photograph at first glance.”

#23 Portrait Of My Grandfather

Image source: u/Adventurous-Plum-554

#24 From 2019 To Today

Image source: u/LazuliArtz

#25 Progress Of My Drawing In 5 Years

Image source: u/littledmg12

kitten levels tokyo : “Learning to art takes skill, definitely not auto-matic.”

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