30 Idolised Celebs That People Actually Hate

Published 5 months ago

Researchers in psychology are discovering that our ability to understand and connect with others socially is quite impressive. In specific circumstances, we can gather significant information about someone’s personality or abilities within just a few seconds.

To explore personal preferences, a Reddit user named Brody0628 recently posted a question on the platform asking, “Which celebrity do you think everyone loves but find unbearable? And why?” Here are the top answers that have garnered the most interest so far.

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#1 Tom Cruise – Scientology

Image source: Quantumercifier, universal pictures, The Mummy

#2 Jennifer Lopez …so tired of hearing about her ever changing love life. So many stories as well about what a rude diva she is.

Image source: Old-Recording6360, Universal Pictures, The Boy Next Door

#3 Leonardo Dicaprio he seems like such a creep and his he is such a liar when it comes to his stance on climate change.

Image source: melanies420, Apple Studios, Killers of the Flower Moon

#4 Jimmy Fallon. He just seems so fake and over the top. Not every guest on your talk show can be so funny you have to slap the desk and yell over them in excitement. You can only break so many times in SNL sketches before it becomes a gimmick. The late night hosts had an amazing podcast during the strike called Strike Force Five and you can really tell how much weaker he is than the rest of them.

Image source: Hup110516, jimmyfallon’s profile picture jimmyfallon

#5 Bill Maher. He’s got arrogant prick written all over him ?

Image source: SweetPsycho2024

#6 Gwyneth Paltrow. She can Goop right outa here.

Image source: Antique-Soil9517, gwynethpaltrow

#7 Nicki Minaj, and thankfully everyone’s finally starting to get it. All this information came out back in like 2021 and it somehow got swept under the rug. I never got good feelings from her

Image source: katlilly1, Nicki Minaj


Image source: GoodGriefWhatsNext, Zafrir Keren – צפריר קרן

Jerry Seinfeld So many people seem to love him, and his show was wildly successful, but I can’t stand him at all.


Plus, he dated a teenager when he was in his late thirties. Eww.

#9 Dakota Johnson.

Image source: RyotsGurl, Netflix ,Persuasion

A nepo baby that just doesn’t have the talent to back it up.
I’m a huge Madam Web fan, and I’m not seeing the movie purely because I know she’ll annoy me.


Britney Spears. I’m sorry, but I hate how everyone think she’s the greatest human ever and that any man would be lucky to have her. I get that she had it rough but her mental health is still very concerning. I think she’d be a nightmare to date. She legit needs help and her fans aren’t doing her any favours. I don’t hate her or anything but I just can’t stand how people worship her. They actually treat her like someone with an intellectual disability. For example, she spins and flops around on the floor and people are “you go girl! You live your life!” No! She’s a mother in her 40s and needs mental help. People don’t like manic Kanye but fully support manic Britney because her parents are s****y? Stop being a Britney apologist and give her some real help.

Image source: Outrageous-Advice384


Image source: robbycakes, Maryland GovPics

Oprah was basically the O.G. Jerry Springer and pioneered that genre of shock-garbage-emotional-manipulation TV. Now she’s interviewing Prince Harry like she’s Barbara f**king Walters or something. I don’t get it.


IIRC She’s also a major factor in the current anti-vax movement. She brought some guest on that said vaccines cause autism in the 90’s and the stay at home moms ate that s**t up like candy and it spread from there.


Image source: TemperatureExotic631, New Regency Productions, In Time

Always been Justin Timberlake and finally that tide has turned. I feel so seen after all these years. HES ALWAYS BEEN THE WORST


Letting Janet Jackson take the fall for that superbowl show and have it ruin her career was such a low blow. And tarnishing Britney’s reputation to boost his own career. And this is just personal bias but he always has the most unpleasant look on his face and there is like this dead look in his eyes

#13 I can’t stand Kevin Hart. He’s not funny, and his stand-up shows are forced laughter in a nutshell

Image source: Narrow-Big, Netflix, Watch Kevin Hart: Irresponsible

#14 Chrissy Teagan

Image source: ravenstarchaser

#15 MrBeast. Something about him rubs me the wrong way, and his fanbase who goes after anyone with the slightest criticism doesn’t help any

Image source: GoldenNight96, mrbeast


Image source: larrysdogspot, Drake

Drake or Kanye Both have heads that no longer fit through a door. Kanye can’t keep his bipolar mouth shut and has skewed opinions on important things, like politics, that some of his fans gobble up. Drake literally thinks he helped the Raptors win a championship. Sit the f**k down in front, bro.


Also Drake is creepy the way he befriends young teen girls! That’s a weird thing for a grown a*s man to do.

#17 Will Smith. Even before the slap, he just irritated me.

Image source: Upset_Chemistry5788, John Mathew Smith & www.celebrity-photos.com

#18 Chris Pratt. Never liked him. Hated how he treated his ex wife, cheating on her like that.

Image source: rose_catlander

#19 Will Ferrell. He’s not funny and I find him very annoying

Image source: FaerieQueeneeee

#20 Adam Sandler. He makes every movie all about himself, but he’s not even a good comedian…

Image source: bbbbbthatsfivebees

#21 The Biebers. Justin is giving man baby and Hailey radiates privilege blind mean girl.

Image source: BlackberryOdd4168, justinbieber


Image source: PMMeUrHopesNDreams, Ariana Grande

Ariana grande Not everyone loves her but she’s really popular. I too used to be a fan of hers, but then too many stories about her real personality came out, then there was the donut video, then it was the constant race change, and being a homewrecker


I really dislike the whole Lolita child like persona she puts on. Also get the feeling she’s gotten every single person she’s ever wanted her whole life so now it gives her an ego boost to get someone who was already in a relationship. The new boyfriend is even worse. But I get the feeling she’s gotten away with everything she’s ever done because she’s beautiful.

#23 Timothy Chalamet. I don’t get the hype. And there’s just something about him that irritates me

Image source: Sly993, Warner Bros, Dune: Part Two


Image source: Dry_Enthusiasm_267, universal pictures ,Liar Liar

I know I’ll get hate for this but Jim Carrey. I find the guy totally obnoxious! He seems like he’s got one schtick and that’s all he knows.


Yeah I used to LOVE Jim. He was great in the 90s but the last few years he’s an insufferable d**khead. He was unfairly rude as f**k towards Margot Robbie on the Graham Norton show and made several implications that she only got famous for her looks. You can see how uncomfortable she is throughout the interview from there on in. It was very mean girl stuff. I felt bloody uncomfortable watching from home.

#25 Vin Diesel – he just sounds so monotone and I don’t think he’s a great actor or even hot. Sorry not sorry

Image source: katzen2011, universal pictures, Furious 7, Scott Garfield

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