20 Best Friend Relationships That Ended So Tragically

Published 2 years ago

The phrase “best friends forever” doesn’t usually last how it is intended to last. Sometimes, we would lose our so-called “best friend” whether we like it or not. In the end, whether or not that friend deserved to be called our “best” boils down to how we lose the said friend.

In a Reddit thread, someone asked, “People of reddit what ended your friendship with your best friend?” And the responses are a mix of testimonies. Some testify that friends can have a dark aura beneath their kind exterior, while some testify that you will only be able to fully value a friend once you’ve lost them. Scroll down below to see all 20 of these testimonies from the saddest to the grimmest way someone ever lost a friend.

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Image source: SpoonfulofYou, Christian Erfurt

I got tired of always being the one to put forth any effort. Fly across the world to meet up, attend family gatherings, reach out, be patient, make sacrifice. It was good times when we were together. So it was worth it for a while but when she moved close and still never bothered to make an effort, I was over it. Wish her nothing but the best.


she was my best friend for two years.

we were in similar traumatic experiences and we helped each other throughout the 22 months we were best friends and we had a great friendship. we protected each other.

one day she told me her father was back from jail and she was scared. i don’t remember exactly what he went to jail for, but he was gone for about 6 years. she told me, on may eighteenth 2020, that she could not handle it anymore, that she was exhausted.

two hours later, her older sister finds her and tells their grand parents and then me that she had hung herself. her exact words were: “im so sorry Grace, she’s gone. my little sister is gone.”

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Image source: Dew-It420, Stavrialena Gontzou

I came out to him


Image source: perfecthand29, Inside Weather

Bacterial meningitis ….after a few days of unanswered calls ( thought maybe I had pissed her off) I drove over to her house. Found my BFF deceased on the couch. Her 5 year old had luckily survived several days on her own.


Image source: MykeCecc, ANTONI SHKRABA production

He tried to get me fired from a job I hired him at as his boss


She cheated on this guy she was with almost constantly.

She cheated on him while miscarrying his child.
She cheated on him after she got a disease and he helped her learn to walk again.
She cheated on him after he raised her son and took care of him like his own.
She cheated on him after he dropped charges of assault against her and property damage.
She cheated on him after she ruined his reputation in the town (he comes from a big family business)
She cheated on him with the guy she left for him
She cheated on him and then posted screenshots of him having a breakdown (of course only his messages) calling him abusive – and everyone on FB ate it up, ‘cause “single mom with a kid is being mistreated!” ?

After I confronted her about how awful she was being, she said, “If you’re not on my side, you’re not my friend.”

12 years of best friendship down the drain. Just like that.

Source: Zepplitty


We idolized each other, but then she started to adopt aspects of my personality, how I dressed, what music I listened to, etc. Then she started throwing herself at anyone she knew that I found attractive so she could “get” them first. Then she tried to screw my brother. In my bed.

Source: PlaceboRoshambo


My best friend was my cousin. Born the same year and raised together in nearby towns. We are from a purple state which bleeds more red every year. He turned Trump, very hard.

This was a cult conversion. He didn’t watch Fox, because theybwere part of the MSM (in fact they are!). He went to conspiracy reddits, 8chan and discord and decided “for himself” that only an outsider like Trump could “break the wheel” and bring a new voice into US politics.

After that, nothing could turn him away. No moral failure, no policy failure, no amount of corruption.

We finally cut everything off when I said his illegal immigrant wife ought to suffer the same consequences others do under Trump. He said THIS DOESNT APPLY TO HER.

that was the end. It was a good friendship for 30 years.

Source: sonic_tower


Image source: RavenRises, Austin Distel

In 2020, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. At this time by grandfather was also fighting colon cancer; both of whom were in the “high risk” category for covid-19.

During the first summer of the pandemic, I would occasionally share things on social media about why it’s important to make up and social distance, then later on why people should get vaccinated.

Well, my ex best friend married a complete right-wing trumper POS that thought covid was a sham. He commented on one of my posts and we got in a mildly heated debate. Eventually, he said that he didn’t care that people would die, and that it’s a sacrifice to make for everyone’s freedoms.

When I expected my ex best friend to come to my aid, she backed him up. I was sickened. Have not ever spoken a word to either of them since.

I say good riddance.


Image source: ThisSorrowfulLife, Obie Fernandez

She was very pro-life, and shamed me for being pro choice and pro women, even though she had an abortion at 15 and it literally saved her life. I instantly cut ties with her. Dropped 10 years of friendship with one sentence. Never looked back.


He died. Miss him. We met at 4 yrs old. Friends for about 30 years. He’s been gone 8 years now.

Source: beewhole


Image source: Andandromeda3821, The Lucky Neko

My family was going through a hard time and had to move to an apartment suddenly. We had eight cats and they would only let us bring two. So my friend said she had really bonded with one of my cats and asked if she could take her. I really didn’t have many options for people who would take my cats on such short notice and was so heartbroken over this situation so I was absolutely delighted that she wanted to take the cat. Well a couple months into her having the cat I asked her how it was going and she told me the that the cat had started peeing on the furniture so they let her go outside. They hadn’t seen her since. I went and searched for the cat and couldn’t find her. After not speaking to her for weeks I decided to try to have a friendship with her again but it literally won’t work- I simply don’t like her anymore after that. Every time she would text me I would just roll my eyes and barely had the energy to respond. Then I finally just let it all out and blocked her on everything.


Image source: ubettawuurrrk69, Jon Tyson

She didn’t invite me to her birthday party. It was my first time back from college and I would have been able to go. She made a whole Facebook event page and invited everybody but me. I found out through mutual friends, the kicker was no one showed up and she called me crying that this other girl didn’t show up.


Image source: madcatzplayer3, Anh Nguyen

I was diagnosed with bipolar after a very traumatic and public event when I was manic for the first time. Lost all my friends including my best friend. Mental illness sucks.


Mental health, fell into depression which isolated me, and eventually made me forgotten by the world

Source: badwithchemistry


Image source: TheShining02, Jamar Penny

He passed away at his job after we graduated high school. He worked at a asphalt creation center and fell 30ish feet into a boiling asphalt silo and boiled to death. He had just turned 18, and it was a few days before my 19th birthday.


Image source: Tripl3R, Brent Ninaber

She was dating a really toxic guy and wouldn’t listen to anyone who said to break it off, including me. We got in multiple fights about it until the guy said she wasn’t allowed to talk to me anymore, that last fight was pretty ugly. So she called it quits with me. She’s long since moved on to a better guy but I still miss her she was special to me.


Image source: WhiskeyMeAway-, Eric Ward

Every single time that I would tell her I was interested in/talking to a guy, she would try to get with him. She was never successful but it hurt that she kept trying. I confronted her about this in a very nice and civil way and explained to her how I felt about this. She apologized profusely and promised it would never happened again. And then it happened again. I just immediately cut her off after that, no explanation or words needed. She knows what she did. Haven’t spoken a word to her since


Image source: Significant_Screen45, Marcelo Leal

I got cancer twice. He didn’t bother to call, text or visit. Oh, this was pre pandemic so the hospitals were allowing visitors.


I heard him making fun of me to other kids in school. That one really cut deep.

Source: kdawgster1

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