20 Biggest Scams In Life That Lure People In, But Nobody Wants To Accept, As Shared In This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

No, it’s not about the social security scams which have been circulating around like wild lately. Nor about scammers asking to buy Target gift cards to cover “accidental overpayment.” Instead, it’s about things in life that are relatively unfair and were unconsciously imposed on us as the “standard” way of living and how things work as a part of social construct. The so-called ‘scams’ are often created to lure money from people or have power over someone, yet, no one wants to admit that. Or perhaps it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

However, some people went ahead and joined a thread created by Horror-Tap2093 to share their relatively controversial views. The user asked, “What’s the biggest Scam in life that no one wants to admit?” and received an overwhelming response. The thread gained over 50k upvotes and 37.1k worth of replies. Scroll below to look at the comments that received the most user engagement. What do you think? Do you agree with any of these?

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#1 The Promise Of A Golden Retirement

Image source: Mr_Bob_Ferguson, aco pbc

We work the majority of our lives, during our fittest years of health, for the promise of a golden retirement, when we will probably [be] too old and ill to enjoy it properly.

#2 The Cost Of Education

Image source: nathanielgallant, Chambre des Députés

the cost of education

#3 The Entire Fashion Industry

Image source: Goriuk, rjp

That the Fashion Industry is anything other than planned obsolescence, designed simply to get people to spend money for no reason.

#4 Salaries

Image source: TheSameButBetter, Victorian Chamber

A lot of us have been convinced that we are selling our labour to companies at the correct price, in reality we’re selling it too cheaply.

#5 The Prices Of Anything Baby Related

Image source: CarvedWatermelon, INGURALDE

The prices of anything baby related. Toys, food, clothes, etc. Was in a store on Saturday to get a cot mattress and cover. I cried.

#6 Subscription Models

Image source: anon, BTC Trinkets .com

The easy-to-join, difficult-to-cancel subscription model.

#7 Health Insurance Not Covering Dental Care

Image source: OldDust8123, Iain Cameron

How the f**k does *HEALTH* insurance not cover dental and vision? What kind of shenanigans is that?

#8 Tipping Culture

Image source: Mrtw33tums, Tzuhsun Hsu

Tipping culture. It’s how businesses scammed the general public into paying additional costs so they could avoid paying their staff a living wage.

#9 The Entire Wedding Industry

Image source: J-ShapedNerd, Chris Waits

The entire wedding industry.

To be clear, not marriage but weddings specifically.

I’m happily married to my wife and we were content to do something special just the two of us, maybe spend a couple of grand and treat ourselves a little bit to something amazing.

Cue the families getting involved and before you know it we’re spending closer to twenty grand on one day and feeding a bunch of people I’ve not heard of before or since the wedding.

#10 Email Subscriptions

Image source: moonman2090, Mario A. P.

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#11 Taxes And Everything Connected With Them

Image source: dogpupkus, Tom Hilton

The lobby around requiring **[MOST]** Americans to file their taxes with the IRS; while the IRS already has all the relevant information.

Edit: Yes we know there’s benefits for you tiny percentage of self-employed individuals and business owners.

#12 Life Being So Expensive

Image source: Fandoms_local_Kiwi, Conall


Like, why is it so damn expensive? I didn’t even ask to be here!

#13 Trickle Down Economics

Image source: BarcodeNinja, James Droste

Trickle down economics.

#14 Religion

Image source: rabengeieradlerstein, Karl Baron


#15 Airlines Ticket Policy

Image source: waitihaveaface, Berbal Saborio

The fact that airlines have X amount of seats per flight, but almost always sell X+10 seats and then refund you about 80% of your ticket cost. Do that to the 10 people and suddenly you have about 2 tickets worth of profits seemingly out of nowhere, and everyone still has a flight. Just an unbelievably immoral way to gain a few bucks, but everyone just goes with it since the airplanes aren’t exactly a train that comes every 10 minutes.

#16 Glasses, Especially Expensive Ones

Image source: Nightblast420, Charles16e

GLASSES we need pay too see, biggest scam

#17 Fight Against Climate Change

Image source: Robust_Rooster, majunznk

That climate change is up to each individual to go green. It was a campaign by BP that pushed the solution as each individual going green instead of the dozen massive corporations that account for the lions share of greenhouse gases.

Going green is good, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to oil companies, industrial farming, and cargo ships.

Edit: lots of “yet you participate in society, curious” type comments from the usual contrarians. Your hot air is adding to the problem.

#18 That Getting Older Gives Wisdom

Image source: De_chook, Hajime Nagahata

That getting older gives wisdom. I’m older and I’m just a cranky old f**k.

#19 Diamonds (Are Not Forever)

Image source: Puppycow, Julian Fong


#20 The Five Day/40hr+ Work Week

The five day/40hr+ work week.

Image source: OrwellianZinn, Lina Kivaka

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