25 Baffling Events That Were Forgotten “Like They Didn’t Even Happen”

Published 2 years ago

It’s strange and disturbing how many criminal or missing person cases are unresolved to this day. So many are forgotten. And what about all those alien and UFO encounters? Baffling events occur pretty much daily. It’s no surprise there are tons of conspiracy theories that try to explain and unsolve them in one way or another. While some of them are definitely out of touch with reality, some are worth deliberating.

On the Ask Reddit community, user Assorted_Education_ asked, “What strange events have gotten swept under the rug like they didn’t even happen?” This question was upvoted by over 42K Redditors, of which many were also engaged in the discussion. People immediately started sharing some significant events and accidents that got forgotten and never spoken again about publicly. 

Take a look at the strangest events these Redditors had shared which were instantly forgotten by the public. Let us know which of these you heard of but also forgot about?

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Image source: toothyboiii

Who the hell destroyed the Epstein camera tapes


Image source: JeffCogs80

The Phoenix lights. My whole immediate family and tons of people on the street we lived on saw the aircraft come overhead. We all stood there speechless and terrified until it passed then the whole block freaked out. Nobody will ever convince me it was flairs. We all saw the outline and structure of the craft clearly. It was so big and slow it was amazing it was staying in the air. My hair still stands on end even thinking about it right now.


The financial panic of 2008 was triggered by a $550 Billion drawdown of money market accounts in the USA at about 11 AM on Thursday, Sept 15, 2008. It was an electronic run on the banks.

Had they not closed down the money market accounts immediately, the Treasury estimated that by 2 PM that afternoon, $5.5 Trillion would have been withdrawn and the entire economy of the United States would have collapsed, and within 24 hours the world economy would have collapsed.

Who did the initial $550 Billion drawdown? This info was put in the memory hole, and the press does not discuss it.

The Wikipedia article Global financial crisis in September 2008 has only the following sentence: “By the morning of September 18, money market sell orders from institutional investors totaled $0.5 trillion, out of a total market capitalization of $4 trillion, but a $105 billion liquidity injection from the Federal Reserve averted an immediate collapse.[22][23]”

Image source: Tsu-Doh-Nihm


Image source: squishman1203

Shortly after fans held a massive “Beyoncé Mass” worshipping the pop singer, she purchased a large church in Louisianna. Haven’t heard anything else about these masses or what she decided to do with the church. But it has always bothered me


Image source: simian_fold

Boris Johnson lockdown parties, he was on the verge of being forced out of the office and then, oh there’s a war now we’ve got other stuff to worry about


There was a huge scandal involving the UK foster care system. Social workers were getting paid more for each child they placed in foster care. This resulted in 100s/1000s of children being placed into foster care that didn’t need to be. To this day there has been no uproar or anything about it, it got swelter under the rug and unless you were personally involved (myself) then you will more than likely not have any idea about it.

Image source: anonymous21123


Image source: Tio_Paya559

In my hometown, the police chief was accused of having sexual relations with an underage girl. The father of the girl was one of the officers on the force. He was later found passed away near the property of the chief. People believe he was there to confront the chief about the relations. 9/11 happened, and the attention of the public got focused on the nation’s tragedy. HE IS NOW THE MAYOR.


Image source: knotpolkadottie

Several nuclear weapons the US DOD straight up lost.


Image source: WhileIwait4s**t

Panama papers


Image source: chalk_in_boots

The Apollo 10 turd. It’s been half a century and nobody has owned up to the floating turd on Apollo 10.


Image source: maglen69

Equifax lost the personal data of almost every single adult (in the US). This is data we didn’t give them permission to access, they simply automatically collect it.

They are still in business.

In September of 2017, Equifax announced a data breach that exposed the personal information of 147 million people.

That’s out of roughly 210 million adults at that time.

That’s 70% of the adult population whose data was lost.

That’s more than likely every single household in the US.


Image source: SteadyWaiting

T.I. (rapper) and his wife have serially drugged and r*ped over 30 victims. According to 30+ allegations.

If you google T.I. it doesn’t even come up unless you specifically search for it


Image source: mercurialpolyglot

Starting last summer there have been unidentified snipers taking out random cars on different parts of I-10 in New Orleans and nothing has come of it and nobody’s really talking about it. I mean, gang and drug violence, neighborhood drive-bys, and the occasional Bourbon shooting are one thing to ignore, but interstate snipers? Does nobody find that interesting? It’s still happening.


The Saudi’s murdered a Washington Post journalist and nothing happened

Image source: SnooCats5701


Image source: Notsotired2

On November 2 the FEC decided that foreign individuals, corporations, and governments can fund ballot measures in the US because they’re “not technically elections”. This is a staggeringly big deal that was pretty much immediately swept under the rug.


Image source: Bsmyth84

Identifying all the rich men who participated in Jeffery Epstein’s island.


Facebook experimenting with human emotions, without their knowledge or consent.

Image source: GetDownAndBoogieNow


Image source: DAT_DROP

Donald Rumsfeld announcing that the Pentagon had lost $2.3 *Trillion* dollars, the night before 9/11


Epstein had to jump through like 3 tiers of a coincidence to commit suicide the way he did. either he was coerced into actual suicide and told when the guards were going on break and when the CCTV would go out randomly, or we are supposed to assume the former. I still don’t buy it.

Image source: charley46


Image source: AvatarofBro

The Las Vegas shooting. The worst mass shooting in America’s history. Dozens passed away. Hundreds injured. No one has any idea why this random dude stockpiled weapons and went on a mass murder spree. Or why he ended when he did.

We all just collectively went “I guess we’ll never know” and then forgot about it.


Image source: NotEnoughNoodle

Hong Kong protests


Image source: Available-anyways

Nobody seemed to remember Ukrainian passenger flight being shot down by the Iranian government last year.


Image source: betosanchito

In my hometown, there was some sort of audit and it found that 8 million dollars of taxpayer money were missing. It’s a conspiracy now.


Image source: thedrakeequator

The leader of Scientology’s wife vanished after an argument in 2005, nobody knows what happened to her.


Image source: Magic_Taco1221

I am pretty surprised how no one really reacted when the Navy, and pentagon said UFOs were real and we don’t know what they are, or have anything that can really match and fight them.

Not saying it’s aliens and UAP instead of UFOs.

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