Black Man Illustrated What It Was Like Working In The Office As The Only Black Person

Published 6 years ago

Working in a large office can be tough – where there’s a lot of people, workplace drama is unavoidable. It was especially hard for people of color back in the 60’s when many offices were predominantly white. One man named Tom Floyd experienced this first hand and showed what he had to go through with a series of thought-provoking illustrations.

Floyd was born in Gary, Indiana in 1929 and worked as a designer for the Inland Steel Company. It was there that he faced the constant prejudice of co-workers, that made him start the series. “As a ‘BLACK’ white collar worker having willingly and conscientiously taken an active part in America’s leading social pre-occupation… An experiment called ‘Integration’ … I feel compelled to assess my total experience and perhaps the experiences of other Blacks by saying…. ‘INTEGRATION IS A BITCH‘…,” said Tom.

In the time when publishers were afraid of dealing with sensitive subjects surrounding race, Floyd still managed to release his comics. His collection of illustrations called ‘Integration is a Bitch‘ was released in 1969 and many people say it’s still as relevant as ever.

Check out the illustrations in the gallery below!


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#1 Did You Know Him?

Image source: Tom Floyd

#2 Clap Clap Clap

Image source: Tom Floyd

#3 It’s St. Patrick’s Day….. Where Is Your Shamrock? It’s Black History Week Where Is Your Dashiki?

Image source: Tom Floyd

#4 Oh No Fred….. He Works Here

Image source: Tom Floyd

#5 Ya’ See… Thay’re Taking Over….

Image source: Tom Floyd

#6 It’s A Brilliant Idea…. Who Helped You With It?

Image source: Tom Floyd

#7 … And This Is Our Negro!

Image source: Tom Floyd

#8 We Had A Nice Colored Man Cuttting Our Grass Yesterday… And You Know.. He Didn’t Steal A Thing….

Image source: Tom Floyd

#9 If I Told You A Joke…. Would You Get Offended? … And Then This Colored Guy Said….. And Then This Hillbilly Said…….

Image source: Tom Floyd

#10 Rape! File This…..

Image source: Tom Floyd

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