30 Blatantly Obvious Things That People Choose To Ignore

Published 3 months ago

A Reddit user recently asked people to share things that are obviously true but that people still choose to ignore. The examples given include situations where someone is a bad friend or partner, but the person chooses to overlook it because they enjoy spending time with them. Or when people tend to ignore the negative effects of alcohol and excessive phone use on their health and well-being. Scroll below to read a more in-depth collection of opinions shared by folks on the platform. 

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#1 There is no super secret cabal of shadow brokers manipulating things to go their way, it’s the super rich doing it very publically right in front of everyone with impunity

Image source: No_MrBond, Ron Lach

#2 A C-section is a MAJOR surgery and some ppl want them right back at work or doing all the housework ?‍♀️

Image source: Excellent-Rain6909, Raul Infante Gaete

#3 That Brexit was f*****g stupid

Image source: chunderbun, (Mick Baker)rooster

#4 Trickle down economics doesn’t work

Image source: BonfireMaestro, Karolina Grabowska

#5 People are being easily manipulated by the Faux Outrage Machine.

Image source: YYC-Fiend, Marco Bianchetti

#6 The system works for those for whom it was made to benefit.

Image source: ignisignis, Jopwell

#7 Mental illness is an *illness*

Image source: Shade1991, Andrew Neel

#8 Social media is poisoning our children’s brains, as well as many adults.

Image source: SaberTruth2, Pixabay

#9 That most religions are scams designed to sucker money from people by preying on their fears and insecurities.

Image source: EmperorBulbax, JV Gardens

#10 Narcissistic abuse. People really don’t believe victims most the time. I hope to bring awareness to it.

Image source: yellowtulip4u, Odonata Wellnesscenter

#11 Amazon is actually terrible. It’s full of cheap junk and counterfeit items. There is no reason for Bezos to hoard so much wealth.

Image source: bejeweled_midnight, Chris Yarzab

#12 Our phones are robbing us of our attention and ability to enjoy life

Image source: CoffeeBeanPole, cottonbro studio

#13 Giving billionaires tax breaks isn’t helping regular working people at all.

Image source: Crazy_Response_9009, Karolina Grabowska

#14 In America, we could have better. We could have healthcare and infrastructure and utilities and innovation *unrivaled* in the world, but we just… won’t let ourselves have it.

Image source: GhostofSbarro, Michał Ludwiczak

#15 Planned obsolescence.

Image source: xComplexikus, Mateusz Dach

#16 Government subsidies contribute to big oil profits. They are turning in $4-5 billion profits per quarter but still get government handouts. WTF?

Image source: Awkward_4472, August de Richelieu

#17 The world is round

Image source: Spiderduck21, Porapak Apichodilok

#18 No legitimate business makes you pay money to work for that business. So many people in an MLM do not understand this, but yet shell over hundreds to thousands every month to maintain their “platinum XL Diamond-coated/Bleached A*****e” tier of their membership to Herbalife or whatever they belong to as an MLM. (I live with someone in my graduate school who drank the Herbalife Kool-Aid…)

Image source: SensibleDudeRedditor, nathan17

#19 Politicians do not give a F**K about you.

Image source: Poet_of_Legends, Asad Photo Maldives

#20 Corporations control America, not the parties.

Image source: madeupdx, Karolina Grabowska

#21 That paying attention to your smartphone while driving can lead to deadly consequences.

Image source: 2shyi2i, D’Vaughn Bell

#22 If no one gets paid enough money no one can afford to buy things. If no one buys things they won’t make as much and then people lose jobs. Companies are all about under paying and over profit, but those same employees are the ones that are paying their bills…. If your employees cant afford your products you have a problem.

Image source: SoapBubbleMonster, Suzy Hazelwood

#23 Rubbing scents on your skin will not cure cancer or any other disease. There is some evidence that lemon oil has anti viral properties because lemons do and the menthol from peppermint oil can help alleviate headaches….but swallowing essential oils or rubbing them on your feet is not effective 99.99% of the time.

Image source: Pg8603, Pixabay

#24 That everyone is the main character of their own story happening simultaneously with everyone else’s storyline

Image source: Longjumping_Key_5008, Brett Sayles

#25 Climate change is real, it is happening , and is an existential threat to future generations. The climate change denial is being funded by the fossil fuel industry.

Image source: arkofjoy, Douglas Scortegagna

#26 History does indeed repeat itself

Image source: Imjustsayingggggggg, 70023venus2009

#27 The rent is too damn high.

Image source: Xanderson, Aaron Sousa

#28 Tiktok is chinese spyware

Image source: decrepit11803, cottonbro studio

#29 A grown child going No Contact with their parent means that their parent must have done something to break the innate trust a child has toward their parent. It’s the child who needs understanding in this situation, not the parent.

Children are “programmed” to love their parents, it’s what ensures their survival etc. That love is deep and doesn’t go away just because a parent was a little mean once. It requires consistent betrayal of the childs trust, abuse/neglect/etc.

Image source: Milyaism

#30 If the government wanted us to have it, we would have had it by now.

Image source: SadPark4078, Chinmay Singh

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