40 Things People Are Hoping That We Collectively Leave Behind In 2024

Published 6 months ago

With the start of a brand New Year, most folks are considering their resolutions for the coming 366 days. There are many things we need to achieve as yet, just as there are some things that we could do with getting rid of. 

Recently, a thread on Reddit was quite popular after someone asked the internet, “What should die in 2024?” Scroll below to check out what folks said and share your opinion in the comments sections. 

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#1 Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, being a f*****g subscription.

Image source: 3rdFloorFolklore, Karolina Grabowska

#2 Cancer. F**k you, cancer.

Image source: TheGreatGamer1389, Thirdman

#3 Telling me your life story when I’m only there for the recipe. Everything becoming a subscription. Everyone begging for a tip. Lastly: HOAs

Image source: NerdInLurkingArmor, Anna Shvets

#4 Having to constantly tell websites you’re OK with cookies

Image source: hardyflashier, Parker Byrd

#5 The idea that anything can be labeled “hate speech” simply because it “offends” someone.

Image source: LoveThatDaddy

#6 Murder and hate and racism

Image source: PhillGreen1234

#7 ALS. F**k you ALS, you cruel disease

Image source: 3rdItemOnList, cottonbro studio

#8 Inflation and high housing costs. A nice dual death.

Image source: twokinkysluts

#9 Pop up ads that don’t permit you to “x” out for like ten seconds. I’ve left many sites for that reason.

Image source: Lulinda726, Greta Hoffman

#10 Spinning the iPad around asking for a tip when all you did was take/pull up my order

Image source: umbusi, Christiann Koepke


Image source: TheBeardsley1, Ketut Subiyanto

Obsolescence being built into things, electronics especially.

Rent being so damn high.

Groceries being so damn expensive.

Having too much month left at the end of my money.

#12 The teeny tiny X in the corner of ads. Every other mm takes you to the purchase page.

Image source: EveryPartyHasAPooper

#13 Ticketmaster

Image source: distractionsgalore, nerdy girl

#14 Unskipable Ads.

Image source: FarConsideration8423

#15 Cancel culture

Image source: EggOrnery115, Monstera Production

#16 Ads everywhere, paying subscriptions for news services Edit: adding subscription services for things you actually own

Image source: kiingof15, Anna Tarazevich

allisongivler replied:
“I can’t even look at a recipe without 50 ads and a video popping up.

#17 The practice of businesses laying off thousands of employees because the company is “needing to make difficult choices” and “cutting the fat” while giving CEOs millions in bonuses.

Image source: Exelbirth

#18 War

Image source: neluxa, Specna Arms

#19 auto-playing videos on websites

Image source: Dorie_Berger, Joshua Miranda

#20 Private companies investing in single family housing.

Image source: beartran, Kindel Media

#21 Medical bankruptcy or being unable to access lifesaving care because you aren’t rich enough or are in the wrong country/province/part of the world.

Image source: EnaicSage

#22 Predatory Prank videos

Image source: Tjalfe, cottonbro studio

#23 Making movies/shows that check boxes for a message rather than writing a good story

Image source: ImmortalPoseidon

#24 Unfinished games being released at full price.

Image source: rhaegar21, RDNE Stock project

#25 Influencers

Image source: AltruisticPops, Ron Lach

#26 Family vloggers

Image source: EarthAcceptable8123, MART PRODUCTION

#27 Prank YouTube channels that are clearly meant to embarrass or harass people just trying to go about their day

Image source: Burglin_7Vrd5

#28 Andrew Tate

Image source: Automatic-Complex663

#29 People “self-diagnosing” themselves as “autistic” or “neurodivergent.” Just because you’re quirky and have poor social skills Claiming to advocate for other “autistics” while denying the severity of symptoms of those with level 3 autism who don’t have the ability to create a TikTok to advocate for themselves..

Image source: SnooFloofs9030

#30 Federal prohibition of cannabis

Image source: ZealotOfCannabis

#31 MLMs.

Image source: amyaurora, Kindel Media

#32 Convenience fees

Image source: somekindofmiracle

#33 Having to put in payment info for a “Free Trial” so it’ll just auto-renew and start charging you once your free trial is over.

Image source: OrdinaryInformation, Darina Belonogova

#34 Old politicians. Let’s start fresh. Pretty sure they’re past their expiration date anyways.

Image source: sarilysims, Andrea Piacquadio

#35 Tipping in America

Image source: Captainorbeez, Tom Tillhub

#36 High Cost of Healthcare

Image source: RollItMyWay, Pavel Danilyuk

#37 Fentanyl. I had an 18 year old niece who died from taking a pill she thought was a painkiller, but it was fentanyl and she was gone in 20 minutes. Her “friends” did nothing to help her. Nobody was charged for her death even though they knew who the drug dealer was.

Talk to your kids about fentanyl! No family should have to go through this nightmare.

Image source: mothraegg

#38 Citizens United and pay to play politcians

Image source: lucabaughcheats

#39 Having to pay a convenience fee to pay rent

Image source: HeWhomLaughsLast, Karolina Grabowska

#40 YouTube ads being 2 days long

Image source: Lanzo2, greenwish _

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