15 Times The Media In The ‘00s Shamefully Got Away With Toxic Beauty Standards

Published 1 year ago

Just a few years back during Titanic’s heyday, Kate Winslet was often mocked as a chubby actress. Even more recently, Jennifer Lawrence was considered a “fat” actress when she starred in the wildly popular The Hunger Games movies. So is it any wonder that so many still suffer from body dysmorphia when the media has been allowed to rampantly dismiss women who were even slightly above stick-thin as “fat”?

Recently, one Twitter discussion went viral after a Netizen brought up examples of when the ‘00s media promoted and brainwashed people by highlighting unhealthy and unrealistic beauty standards. You’ll likely remember most of these happening as your memory is being jogged, but here’s a thought to ponder: which side of the conversation were you on at the time? 

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The ’00s tabloids and media had horribly unrealistic expectations for women’s bodies

Image credits: CarolineMoss

#1 Jennifer Lawrence During The Release Of The Hunger Games Films. In 2012, Jennifer Said, “In Hollywood, I’m Obese. I’m Considered A Fat Actress”

Image source: Kurt Kulac

#2 Jennifer Lopez, The Woman With The “Biggest Butt Ever” According To Every Tabloid!

Image source: sierra1ynette

#3 Kate Winslet During The Release Of Titanic. James Cameron Famously Used The Nickname “Kate Weighs-A-Lot”

Image source: imdb

#4 Gillian Anderson During The Filming Of X-Files. They Even Had Mulder Compliment Her When She’d Lost Some Weight

Image source: imdb

#5 They Called Alicia Silverstone “Fatgirl”

Image source: S0UNDGARD3N

#6 Britney Spears Was Called A “Whale” During Her Performance At The 2007 Vmas

Image source: MTV

#7 Remember How They Told Us That Geri Was The “Curvy” Spice Girl?

Image source: lisa_iannattone

#8 Renée Zellweger. A Major Plot Point Of Bridget Jones’s Diary Is How Obscenely “Fat” She Was For Weighing A Whole 136 Lbs And Being A UK Size 14 (Us 6)

Image source: imdb

#9 Beyoncé Was Considered Plus Sized 1999-2005 When She Looked Like This

Image source: polyvore

#10 They Said Christina Aguilera’s Body Had Been Ruined Cuz Of Her Pregnancy ? And She Looked Like This

Image source: DirrtyJane_

#11 Drew Barrymore Was The “Chunky One” In The Charlie’s Angels Crew

Image source: imdb

#12 Nicole Richie Being Referred To As The “Fat One” When Photographed With Her On-Screen Best Friend Paris Hilton

Image source: people

#13 Jennifer Stone During The Release Of Wizards Of Waverly Place. She Was Typecast As “The Funny, Fat Friend”

Image source: imdb

#14 Martine Mccutcheon During The Release Of Love, Actually. In The Film, Her Character Is Referred To As Having “Thighs The Size Of Tree Trunks”

Image source: imdb

#15 Kelly Clarkson Has Been Heavily Fatshamed In 2002

Image source: BeckySlaysGH

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