Boohoo Posts Pictures Of Unphotoshopped Models Embracing Their Natural Beauty, And The Internet Loves It

Published 6 years ago

Have you ever looked at pictures of models in magazines or shop windows and thought about how they just look too perfect? Well, maybe that’s because they are aren’t – many companies have been “caught” using Photoshop to alter their model’s looks. The good news are some companies are stepping up to battle the unrealistic beauty standards.

The fashion label called Boohoo decided it’s time to stop the Photoshop – the models posted in their pictures appear with all their natural imperfections, such as stretch marks, and the internet is already praising them for their choice. Although Boohoo is not the first company to embrace natural beauty, many people appreciate their effort with positive comments.

Check out Boohoo’s non-photoshopped models in the gallery below!

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A Facebook user has posted pictures of a Boohoo model with un-photoshopped stretch marks and it went viral

The fashion company decided to not edit out the models natural stretch marks

Although there still are pictures of the same model with her ‘imperfections’ photoshopped out

It appears Boohoo embracing the natural look, with other models showing off their marks as well

Boohoo is not the first company to battle the unrealistic beauty standards

Last year CVS announced that they will no longer be photoshopping their beauty ads

Many people showed support for Boohoo for joining the natural beauty wave

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