Owners Paint Funny Costumes On The Holes In Their Fence That Their Bulldog Uses To Watch The Street

Published 4 years ago

It’s not just you that’s stuck home during the lockdown – your dogs are in the same boat. Their long walks in the local park have been reduced to quick walks to the front lawn, and playing fetch with the neighbors’ kids has been reduced to staring at the street to a hole in the fence.

After noticing that her bulldog Bogart really enjoys watching the street through a holes in the fence, Danish woman Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen decided to paint some funny costumes around them. Soon enough, someone filmed the bulldog and shared the video on social media, making Bogart viral almost immediately! Even Ranveig herself reshared the video with the caption “Bogart has gone viral in Denmark—he has also got on one of Denmark’s biggest influencers’ Instagram profile, and now I can see that he’s [on] a Norwegian dog group too.”

See the hilarious bulldog below!

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Someone recently shared this hilarious video of a bulldog and it quickly went viral

In an interview with Bored Panda, Ranveig said she lives in the southern part of Denmark along with her Husband, Claus, and their two bulldogs – Winston and Bogart. She said that 4-year-old Bogart is actually the puppy of Winston (who is actually a girl), and that he was the smallest one of the litter. “He has a [unique] personality, and he is so funny—I really do love that little guy,” said Ranveig.

The woman said that they live close to a walking path where many people pass every day so the dogs are just curious. “To prevent them from skipping the fence, we made the holes, but even if it was funny to see them from the other side, I just thought it would look even [funnier] if we painted something,” said Ranveig.

“You know, like in amusement parks where you can have your photo taken in these kind of holes,” joked the woman. Her daughter ended up painting joker and king costumes.

Ranveig said that the people’s reactions have been overwhelming and that she had strangers reaching out to say that both the dogs and the fence paintings are hilarious. “I, myself, am blown away that my little dog has gone viral—just because he looks goofy,” added the woman.

People loved the adorable bulldog

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