30 “Pics I Take Of My Boyfriend Vs Pics He Takes Of Me” Memes That Are Absolutely Hilarious

Published 4 years ago

A while ago, we featured a series of hilarious “pics I take of my boyfriend vs pics he takes of me” memes where frustrated girlfriends shared the terrible photos their boyfriends took of them. And if you think the boyfriends might have learned a thing or two about taking photos since then, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Women on Twitter continue to share photos they take of their boyfriends vs the ones they take of them, and they’re as hilarious as ever – check them out in the gallery below!

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Image source: madisonhaas131


Image source: miasarash


Image source: easygingerr


Image source: smileykyleigh78


Image source: xxtramom


Image source: IsARealGal


Image source: shelb_lorcher


Image source: TabsAhoy


Image source: gothtitty


Image source: dixielioness


Image source: JannelleGuzman6


Image source: delmeowster124


Image source: aliciakeomany


Image source: soozungi


Image source: lilbeephoto


Image source: seriinag


Image source: cowboycollier


Image source: rizzmaarie


Image source: bee_huff


Image source: Sarah_anne9499


Image source: eriiinnnvang


Image source: abbymareyah


Image source: rubyyfrankish


Image source: superrkarrl


Image source: katiwirtz


Image source: bangtanblossxm


Image source: selenanyrhee


Image source: JessicaAndyy_


Image source: courtsjoyce


Image source: qualeesi

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