45 Times Someone Dropped A Sentence No One Had Ever Heard Before

Published 7 months ago

At this point in time, it feels like everything we say is just a repeat of something someone has already said before. Is there anything new to be said after hundreds of years of the written word? 

As it turns out, many folks have had a similar thought about how repetitious mankind is. One community of Netizens by the name of r/BrandNewSentence, however, have scoured the vast Netscapes in the hopes of discovering something new that we haven’t heard before. Scroll below to see how well they did in their endeavour as we’ve shared a few of their most brilliant finds in the gallery below. 

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#1 Homie In Law

Image source: DougDefinitely

Turtles (She/her)YESS

#2 I Already Named My Switchblade Stabitha…

Image source: BoMaxKent

Monster MunchFelislity

Robert TSlashy McSlashface.

Deborah B: Lindslay


#3 Lesbian Penguins Are So Progressive

Image source: fairsuture

Nerenahd DhanerenHow did they prove it? Did they manage to take care of a plant for a month?

#4 He Started Trying To Look 18 Again By Drinking His Son’s Blood

Image source: TheHunter234

Multa NocteWait, what did I just read?

#5 Like A Centaur That Got Chopped In Half

Image source: hot

Firstname LastnameI feel like if she were to try to lie down on her back, er butt, she could be used as a teeter totter.

#6 Switching To Gender Evil

Image source: Different_Captain717

Random ArchetypesI’m gender chaotic

#7 What In The French

Image source: BrentonAsh165

#8 If Only They’d Had Some Indication…

Image source: CinemaslaveJoe

Multa NocteToo bad no one warned them ahead of time . . . . 🙄

#9 Gay Ukranian Super Soldiers

Image source: Creative_Pen2918

RobSounds like a good plan. I’ve seen us when we get angry.

#10 Pregnant Hands

Image source: ThisIsMyPassword100

Superb OwlSo pretty much all men.

#11 If You Whacked Me With A Ford Explorer

Image source: rishipuff

Luke Branwen“Ford Explorer” just write Indiana Jones ffs

AuntriarchOh dear you have won the internet today Luke

CjayI would like to nominate Luke Branwen for president

#12 Sketti Bowl Not Made Of Duck

Image source: lucatobacco

Tracy WallickWikipedia says: “Lycopene is the pigment in tomato sauces that turns plastic cookware orange. It is insoluble in plain water, but it can be dissolved in organic solvents and oils. Because of its non-polarity, lycopene in food preparations will stain any sufficiently porous material, including most plastics. To remove this staining, the plastics may be soaked in a solution containing a small amount of chlorine bleach.[15] The bleach oxidizes the lycopene, thus allowing the product to dissolve.”

#13 Why NASA

Image source: Gnomecliff

Boootifull Unicorn (edited): ah Americans, will use anything other than the metric system

#14 What A Guy

Image source: Yeahanu

Nerenahd DhanerenLegend.

#15 Umm..no?

Image source: AwfulgamesInc

#16 Bisexual Cowboy From A Hypothetical Timeline Where The Wild West Is In France

Image source: PxxL8d

Susie Elle (edited): I mean in The Netherlands nobody would really be surprised, so you do you. In my hometown there’s a Jamaican man who only wears cartoon-themed tuxedos, another guy who only wears 80’s inspired gym clothes and a lady that has everything C O V E R E D in little fake flowers, so much so that she now resembles a moving pile of flowers. Bless ’em.

#17 Y’all Out Here Being Able To Smell Ants???

Image source: hisprerogative

Gravy the Vampire PenguinWait… yall can’t smell ants?

#18 Coffee Cat Detonates Atomic Bomb

Image source: ThisIsMyPassword100

#19 “Now That You Got Legs”

Image source: ThisIsMyPassword100

BrownTabbyI just googled it and supposedly it’s set during a time and place where there was lots and lots of “come pick cotton n*****” going on, but the movie just glosses over that. Not agreeing or disagreeing, just reporting what happened.

#20 Ramirez Has Just Got The Parking Lot Frog

Image source: HiYesIWannaDie

Boootifull Unicornshe just needed something for Harry to do so she could write prose

#21 That Good Ol Southern Drawl

Image source: TreeSmithMusic

Nerenahd DhanerenMakes total sense.

#22 What About Iceberg’s Tears?

Image source: sorahiel

Saddest_Lion: Definitely “ol splashy”

#23 New For All Of Use + Meme

Image source: RocketMaN_28

Nerenahd DhanerenThe hippo’s name is Chronos by the way.

#24 Tom & Jerry Irl

Image source: Playing_Life_on_Hard

Fora NakitDid it work?

Nichole Harris: Yes! 🤣 well….tbh IDK if there’s worked but I’ve done something somewhat similar and yup…. Mr rat had a funeral the next day

Nikole: My roommate and I did that in college when we had a mouse in the house. We didn’t put water in the bucket though because we’re not monsters.

Kaedyn Walsh (edited): I hope not. The poor innocent little rat doesn’t deserve to drown just because it’s being a rat.

#25 Is Refusing To Speak After Being Detained

Image source: fox5dc

Saddest_LionHe knows snitches get stitches

#26 Haven’t Heard Any Of This Uttered Before & I Love This For Her…

Image source: showmetheyamz

SpittnimageSo that’s why Leonardo DiCaprio dumps women when they turn 25.

#27 We’re Living In The Matrix ?

Image source: Existentialidiot83

BrownTabbyThis person is right

#28 On That Genderbent Andrew Tate Mentality

Image source: olivebeanss

LexekonAndrew summed it up perfectly. The belief we are licensed to be that awful to people who love us is an unnecessary burden to society.

#29 “What R Ur Adjectives???”

Image source: sam77889

AstrophileSleepy and hungry

#30 The Forbidden Art Of Giving Crabs Knowledge

Image source: _AstroMaddie

MarkThey’re too young to remember the great uprising

#31 They Had To Blow Dry The Ultrasound Goo Off Her

Image source: Streaker4TheDead

MarkThat’s a hamster-looking mouse

#32 Membership Only Human Trafficking Gentlemen’s Club Headquartered In Budapest

Image source: orchid_breeder

Boootifull Unicornor a deodorant

#33 Burger Looking Like Steve Harvey

Image source: LeahAllise

#34 I Must

Image source: almonakinvader

Flamingo CroquetI’d rather have a bad book in my bookshelves than a bomb dropped on my house, so… not a bad development, I guess?

#35 9/11 Is Directly Responsible For 50 Shades Of Grey

Image source: MRF1982

BrownTabby (edited): So Bin Laden committed a further-reaching act of terrorism against America

#36 Wtf

Image source: Ominous-Glitch

Multa NocteDid HE die or did his testicles? We need more info. Wait, no we don’t.

RiotGirlAsk and ye shall recieve. She grabbed him by the testicle and began to drag him around. He collapsed and he died.

#37 Pink Acid Trip That Feels Like Being Slapped By Lots Of Confusingly Attractive People

Image source: TechnicallyRon

The AlchemistThe last one genuinely makes me want to see it

#38 Yeehaw High School

Image source: BuoyantBoomer

#39 Kansas Is Not Meant For Permanent Habitation

Image source: confusedpenen

Saddest_LionAs a native Kansan, I completely agree

#40 Why Would The Robot Do This

Image source: Community_Normal

OphelieTheCat (edited): LA La La (๑ˇ▽ˇ๑)•*¨*•.¸¸♪ stop criming la La La 🎶🎶

#41 Wait Until You See How Pineapple Grows!

Image source: radtoria

#42 Too Late For Vito Though

Image source: Openbady

Boootifull Unicorn: that was… surprisingly wholesome???

#43 Put Your Fingers In The Public Balls

Image source: No_Lab9230

Panda CamFairly sure your mom knew where yours fingers had been.

#44 Air Dropped Wolves. That Is All

Image source: AwfulgamesInc

#45 Whole New Meaning To Fence-Sitting…

Image source: Charlie-VH

Nacho Man Sandy RavageIt would no longer gave her an Eiffel and she took of-fence

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