25 Everyday British Things You Won’t Find In America

Published 7 months ago

Cultural differences between nations can be both fascinating and bewildering. Reddit threads often provide a platform for people from different parts of the world to share their unique insights, anecdotes, and observations about their own countries and cultures.

In a recent Reddit thread, some British people took the opportunity to discuss the “totally normal” things they find nonexistent in America, shedding light on some intriguing cultural disparities that might leave you scratching your head.

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Image source: Strikhedonia_1697, netflix

Philomena Cunk


Image source: dokidokipanic, Dávid Ďurčo

Paths (sidewalks) everywhere.

I don’t understand living in a place where you can’t walk down the street to the shops.


Image source: ciderlout, Amie Johnson


There was a documentary about a US aircraft carrier meeting up with the new British aircraft carrier.

In the US navy they are not allowed to drink on ship.

The British aircraft carrier has a pub.

The look on those American sailor’s faces. Lol.


Image source: jar0fair, Malcolm Manners

Clotted cream…it’s so good.


Image source: almacoby, Aaron Gustafson

We don’t have assault rifles because they are too dangerous.

America doesn’t have kinder eggs, because, apparently, they are dangerous.


Image source: Jaybetav2, alleksana

proper Cadbury chocolate


Image source: na_ro_jo, Rob Koster



Image source: Agreeable_Text_36, iSAW Company

Roman ruins


Image source: LeskoLesko, kahvikisu

Black currant. Oh the fruit pastilles, ribena, lord I’m sorry but I love black currant jam and yoghurt so so much


Image source: IdleBonobo, Bence Szemerey

Walkable cities


Image source: mitten2787, nualaimages

Christmas crackers & the little paper hats and bad jokes that go along with them.


Image source: unwantedaccount56, v2osk



Image source: fck_this_fck_that

Dry British humor


Image source: RelaxedDetermination, tabitha turner

Immaculate weather and nuanced sarcasm


Image source: snoee, Dan Burton

Most salaried jobs in Britain give you 25 days of holiday, plus the extra 8 (or more depending on royal shenanigans) bank holidays. So 33 days off a year.


Image source: LuinAelin, George Morina


My dad spent some time in A&E yesterday after a bad fall, and we won’t be getting a bill


Image source: MrDundee666, Castorly Stock

As a sparky I’m proud to say we have the Type G plug. The best standardised plug anywhere in the world. British wiring standards in general. 230v FTW. Boiling water in microwaves you heathens.


Image source: Impossible-Toe-7761, Valeria Boltneva

Full English Breakfast,with proper bacon and Heinz beans..my nan would make fried bread to go with this..heaven


Image source: thesevenleafclover, Sarah Chai

Maternity leave that doesn’t result in an 8 week old at daycare.

Healthcare that doesn’t result in bankruptcy should you develop diabetes or need life saving surgery.

Most importantly, Tesco.


Image source: ellasfella68, Arthur Franklin

History. There are hundreds of pubs older than the US. My mediocre city’s cathedral just celebrated its 900th anniversary. We’ve been doing s**t a *long* time.


Image source: Royal_Visit3419

People that take down a terrorist with a narwhal tusk, spear and fire extinguisher.


Image source: mywerkaccount, Channel 4 Entertainment

Top quality Panel Shows (8 out of 10 cats, Countdown, Would I Lie To You?, Taskmaster, QI, Big Fat Quiz, etc).

American comedians are just too competitive to do it proper (Whose Line is it Anyways? is the closest)


Image source: doctor-rumack, Yelena Odintsova

Clean and efficient public transportation. I know Londoners aren’t always happy with the Underground, but as an American it was the cleanest, safest and most efficient rail system I have ever seen, especially for the scale of the operation. Of course I’m from Boston so there is a very low bar with ours, but still.


Image source: hoosierhiver, Pixabay



Image source: mpchooligan, King’s Church International

Medieval castles

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