20 Signs Of Someone Being A Tourist, According To Canadians

Published 1 month ago

When we travel we try to emulate the styles of the locals because we want to experience their culture. However, there are certain things that we unintentionally do that can be a dead giveaway about your tourist role. 

Recently a discussion where Canadians pointed out the little things visitors in their country do that expose their touristy nature immediately went viral. Scroll below to explore the signs people revealed made them notice a sightseer in their midst. 
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#1 They try and get selfies with a cow moose, 10 ft from the calf.

Image source: Flat-Dark-Earth, Melina Kiefer

#2 When they stop to take a picture of a deer, moose, elk or bear at the side of the road.

Image source: pvb57, Erik Mclean

#3 Cal-GARY instead of Calgree.

Image source: Sea-Limit-5430, Kyler Nixon

#4 When they ask, « Où est la toilette ? ».

Image source: Crowheart1914, George Pak

#5 They take photos of the squirrels.

Image source: lonelydavey, Pixabay

#6 Asking how many more miles up the #1 Highway till they hit Alaska… and they’re on Vancouver Island.

Image source: HeliRyGuy, Rod Long

#7 Standing in front of the Steam Clock *(which is electric)* with their mouth open.

Image source: Naked_Orca, Xiaoxia Xu

#8 When they say Victoria Island instead of Vancouver Island.

Image source: Canucksfan78, Lesly Derksen

#9 They just trundle off into the bush on a hiking trail with very little preparation or supplies. They try to approach/feed wild animals.

Image source: Winstonisapuppy, Ali Kazal

#10 Pronouncing the second T in Toronto.

Image source: revanite3956, Conor Samuel

#11 They look optimistic and happy (Saskatchewan resident).

Image source: fuzzylintball, DAVID LUCK

#12 When they call it the CNN Tower.

Image source: Judge_Rhinohold, Nadine Shaabana

#13 Trying a day drive from Toronto to Edmonton.

Image source: Moist-Requirement-98, Tabea Schimpf

#14 When they are worried or ask about bears.

Image source: anon, Ben Owen

#15 White plastic cowboy hats.

Image source: Ratfor, freepik

#16 When they are in banff ?.

Image source: Katedodwell2, John Lee

#17 They wear full-on parkas in April, May, and I’ve even seen June…..we live in the Arctic, sure, but people who live here are just more climitized, I guess.

Image source: Long_Revolution_9569, Dan Smith

#18 They casually talk about how they “might catch a Leaf game” as a family activity. Like buddy you realize that’s probably a $800-$1000 outing for a family of 4 right? Not saying it’s impossible, but at least do a little homework before making any promises to the kids. Bonus points if they drop the “I hear it’s playoffs, what’s the best way to get tickets”.

Image source: Buttsquish, Jerry Yu

#19 When they call the Confederation Bridge the Confederation Bridge and not just “The Bridge”.

Image source: SirNexus95, Dat Tran

#20 Their car has a front licence plate.

Image source: Boilerofthejug, Erik Mclean

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