20 Times People Brought Their Cars For Repair And Left The Mechanics Speechless (New Pics)

Published 2 years ago

To an ordinary person, it may seem that all car mechanics do is change oil, swap tires, and charge obscene amounts of money for their services. However, the reality is that there’s a lot of weird and interesting stuff that happens in the shop – stuff that customers rarely get to see.

Car mechanics of Reddit are sharing the most bizarre stuff they’ve encountered on the job to the subreddit r/JustRolledIntoTheShop, and they’ll make you realize that this profession is even more challenging than you initially thought. Check out some of the most interesting stuff shared in this online group below, and if you want more, make sure to read our earlier article here!

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#1 Knives I Have Found Under The Back Seats Of Used Cars

Image source: deathbike600

#2 My Brother Is An Advisor At A Honda Dealer. Just Texted Me This…

Image source: Responsible-Algae-16

#3 This Bit Holder My Daughter Bought Me

Image source: DoodleTM

#4 Near 600k 17 Accord Hybrid Came In Today… That’s A New Record In Our Shop. Very Custom.. One Of A Kind

Image source: SlickNick_2599

#5 C/S Smells Like Burning Rubber When Driving

Image source: Psychological_King81

#6 A Chrysler Engineer Would Climb Over 72 Virgins To [Screw] A Tech

Image source: 808inGlenwoodSprings

#7 This Jeep Just Ran Out Of Luck. A Penny Came Out Of The Transmission Drain Hole

Image source: ThatDarnEngineer

#8 Rolled In Because It Wouldn’t Start. C/S Car Has Been Sitting Up For “A Little While,” Has A Newspaper From The Cold War In The Trunk…

Image source: gutterslyme

#9 Terrified Kitten Rolled Into The Shop And Then Into My House

Image source: NightFin

#10 I Present You This Jetta With Their Second Annual Oil Change At 340 Miles

Image source: Gucci98

#11 Dropping Off The Wife’s Vehicle For Winter Tires. Thanks To This Sub For Making Me A Better Customer

Image source: currentlyRedacted

#12 Towed With The E-Brake On

Image source: tablepancakeschair

#13 Car Was In A Flood And Customer Asked If It Was Okay, The Dash Answered For Me

Image source: Mrfrunzi1

#14 Be A Mechanic They Said

Image source: ahe_243

#15 Came In For An Oil Change And Brake Inspection

Image source: JS636

#16 Found My Late Dad’s Car Full Of Mold After An Year, Mum Wanted To Take It To A Garage Like That, I Thought About You People And Spend The Day Cleaning It

Image source: emuboy85

#17 Wife’s Van. Convinced Her To Drive 10 Miles Out And Back To Make Sure We Didn’t Miss It

Image source: jwats777

#18 What Car Dose This Bring To Mind?

Image source: hilly20003

#19 Be A Mechanic They Said

Image source: ahe_243

#20 So Apparently The Insurance Company Doesn’t Think This Is Totalled

Image source: 600-shot-of-autism

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