This Carpenter Is Making Fun Of The Most Ridiculous Window Shutters He Manages To Find (20 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

Scott Sidler is a carpenter and the founder of Austin Historical, an Orlando, Florida-based company that builds and restores old windows and doors. The man regularly shares the company’s projects and all sorts of cool vintage stuff on his Instagram account, but it was his hilarious #ShudderSunday hashtag that really caught people’s attention.

In a recent interview with Bored Panda, Scott said that as a preservation contractor, he is constantly being called in to fix mismatched windows and poor replacement shutters. That when he decided to start taking pictures to educate people on how proper shutters should look while also having a little laugh. “Shutters seem to be the most misunderstood and I see such awful applications that I thought a weekly series of fails would help people understand them better and get a good laugh at the same time,” explained the carpenter.

Scott says he has taken about half of the images himself and the others were submitted by his followers. “Usually from people wishing to be anonymous because they are taking a picture of their neighbor’s house and they don’t want to be found out,” joked the man. He believes that the reason for these “shutter fails” is because people don’t really know what shutters are used for. According to Scott, most people today think shutters are just a way to dress up a window and have no idea about how to properly install them. “There are also some architectural styles that work with shutters and some that don’t and knowing when and where they belong makes quite a difference,” added the man.

“In architecture, form follows function and if I can teach people about that in a fun way that gets a few laughs and helps people see the value in historical buildings then that’s a win for all of us,” concluded Scott. Check out some of his hilarious #ShudderSunday posts in the gallery below!

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Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“How is this even a thing? How can someone on this glorious Shudder Sunday think this looks better with shutters than without??”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“Happy Shudder Sunday everyone! When you can’t afford four shutters just split the difference, right?”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“I think it’s fun when people highlight special small details on their home. I don’t know that I have ever considered a dryer vent worthy of something so grand as it’s own trim and shutters, but hey…you do you!”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“It’s #ShudderSundayagain! This one is personal to me since it’s right around the corner from my house.

I watched a few weeks ago as the owners tore out the original steel casement windows, replaced them with these vinyl monstrosities AND added shutters to “dress it up”. Lesson #1: Don’t replace your original windows. Ever!

Lesson #2: Shutters on corner windows rarely make sense

Lesson #3: Shutters are not two planks of cement board bolted to the cinder block wall.”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“Happy #ShudderSunday  and may the Easter Bunny bring you better gifts than these shutters.”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“Ahhhh the rare “under shutter!” So rare in fact that this is one of only 3 examples still in use today! We are all very fortunate to be able to see this stunning example in its native habitat!”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“Double feature for this week’s #ShudderSunday ! If you’re gonna fail then go big or go home and this apartment complex certainly did. Well done boys, well done!”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“Happy #ShudderSunday ! I may not agree with this one but at least I understand the logic.

“I bought 2 pairs of shutters and each window only fits one shutter because of this weird entryway roofline. Waste not want not, let’s use the shutters by the front door!”

Please think before you shutter people.”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“Oh #ShudderSunday  you never fail to provide me with content! For those wondering, shutters and awnings should be compatible so that shutters could close if wished.

It’s besides the point that these shutters don’t even come close to fitting the windows and they are positioned incorrectly.

Shutter or awning, pick a side because in this case they go together like…cherries and gravy!”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“Say hello to “Mega-Shutter”! When a regular shutter simply won’t do Meg-Shutter can help you intimidate all who cross its path!”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“Because  #ShudderSunday is so much fun I thought what the heck let’s do another one today to mix it up!

Being from Florida I love a good pair of flip-flops, but they should never be an architectural detail!

On the plus side, they appear to be properly sized for the windows. Looks like a size 52 to me!”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“Always make sure to protect the outer 6” of your garage door with vinyl hurricane Shudders like these for maximum protection in a storm”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“Which came first, the faux shutters or the gutter? In this case I think we can answer that definitively, but I’m surprised the gutter guy didn’t think this was a bad idea”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“Happy #ShudderSunday  and may we all learn the basics of geometry today! An arched shutter when open will have the opposing arch of the window. Think for a moment how well these shutter would fit if you were to close them.”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“When you only have room for 1 shutter then you actually have room for NO shutters.”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“There are 2 things this photo makes me want to do…1) Restore those gorgeous windows 2) Tear that awful shutter off the bay window. Glad to know that even seaside Maine has shutter problems!”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“In this episode of #ShudderSunday  it’s another case of things that make you go…hmmm.

They only sell shutters in pairs so you know that extra shutter is hiding somewhere in the basement.

Really though, if both shutters don’t fit, just don’t install them!”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“One shutter on each window for the finished project on a whole house remodel? We’re counting on you guys to show us the right things to do!”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“This one is tough! A beautiful house with a very nice original steel window and a cute shutter design to boot, but…

You can’t shutter a corner window this way. Where is the shutter for the other side? How would it close over those big hinges? Why is it too narrow? And why is that paint bubbling so much?

All reasons this attempt get a #ShudderSunday honorable mention. Not as bad as it could have been but still no cigar.”


Image source: thecraftsmanblog

“Whyyyyyyyyyyyy??? Normally a garbage can in the way would make the photo unusable, but in this case it actually improves the most horrendous shutter-trocity I have ever seen!

“This garage door looks plain. How can we dress it up?”

“Should we paint it? Nah.”

“I know!! Let’s glue some vinyl wings on either side so you won’t notice the ugly garage door anymore and instead will cringe at the power of misappropriated shutters!””

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