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Mewgaroo Hoodie With Cat-Sized Pocket Lets You Become A Kangaroo

Published 8 years ago

Ever wanted your kitty to follow you wherever you go? The Meowgaroo hoodie is the latest thing in cat transportation: it has a pouch fit for a cat! And that’s not all: the hoodie also has cat ears on the hood, and cat paws at the end of the sleeves. At this point, we’re fast approaching “Yo Dawg” joke territory.

For added convenience, the cat pouch has removable lining. That’s useful for when you want to clean out the kitty hair that will inevitably collect up in the pouch. Or doggie hair: in a pinch, the pouch can be used to carry smaller dogs and puppies. That is, if they don’t mind such cat-oriented product.

Meowgaroo is made by Unihabitat, a Japanese company that makes things for pets and their owners. The hoodie costs 5900 yen, which is about 50 dollars or 45 euros.

This hoodie is definitely the cat’s meow!

More info: | Facebook | Twitter (h/t: boredpanda)

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Meowgaroo is the hoodie with a pouch for your cat



Now, it’s easier than ever to get that cat warmth – or to cat-nap together




If a cat is unavailable, the pouch can accommodate small dogs


The removable lining enables you to easily clean out the cat hair that collects in the pouch







Watch this kitty trying out the new pouch:

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