30 Times Winters Were So Chilly, People Just Had To Document It

Published 1 year ago

The winter season is known for its cold attitude, throwing so many gray shades and making everyone hide in their blankets. However, there is some light in those gloomy skies even if the sun is not shining its best. And if you look closely through that light, you’ll probably find some magic and wondrous joy in the winter season.

Today, we have collected some fantastic photos of icy winters. People who live in freezing cold weather have shared some crazy pictures on the internet showing that winter can be powerful and sometimes artistic too. Scroll below to see those wonderful photos of winter.

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#1 Westcave Preserve In Austin, Texas Following Snow Storms

Image source: BusyRunninErins

#2 “Awww Frick Boys, I Spilled My Coffee”

Image source: PinicchioDelTaco

#3 My Sister Rented A Flat Here In North Of Iceland For Christmas, This Is Her View

Image source: maggipedia

#4 The Canadian Side Of Niagara Falls Is An Icy, Winter Wonderland Right Now

Image source: punkodelish, punkodelish

#5 The Way The Ice Froze On My Car This Morning

Image source: darkaotik

#6 We Got 28 Inches Of Snow In NY This Past Week, He Was Determined To Play Regardless

Image source: tayhuse

#7 Winter Siberian Make-Up. Enjoy

Image source: RitaRudzinsky

#8 Ice Formed In The Shape Of A Person After Winter Storm

Image source: jaytanz

#9 I Thought This Might Fit Here – North Lake Tahoe After Last Winter’s Storm

Image source: _k0k0ric0

#10 Seal Ania Is Confused By What The Hell Happened To Her Whiskers (It’s -10°C/14°F In Poland Right Now)

Image source: zissoum

#11 The Way The Ice Froze To This Fence

Image source: esteban42

#12 The Snow Slid Off The Roof Partway Before Freezing Again, Creating Horizontal Icicles

Image source: snowinspired

#13 Jonsey And Reilly Letting Us Know Exactly What They Think Of This Weather

Image source: jakub-photo

#14 Sheets Of Ice That Were Coming Off The Brick Exterior Of Our House After Some Freezing Rain

Image source: kopter28

#15 The Effects Of Freezing Rain In Slovenia

Image source: Merc_Matt

#16 Remember To Put Your Wipers Up So They Don’t Freeze

Image source: joker-here

#17 Well It Is Too Cold To Play Basketball

Image source: imeanthisguy

#18 After Surfing In Lake Erie During Winter Storm Elliott

Image source: Vagabond3210

#19 Siberian Freezer

Image source: stopitsot

#20 This Building Covered In A Foot Of Ice In Wisconsin

Image source: Simply Scandinavian

#21 The Total Freeze Of Nature In The City Of Vladivostok, Russia

Image source: tovarishch_Kavenil

#22 Winter Wonderland Service Call

Image source: Luckyloochie

#23 This Is What Happens In My Hometown When You Don’t Leave The Faucet Trickling In The Winter. Pipes Bursting In Watertown, NY

Image source: mynameisadrean

#24 Windy Day In The Northeast Caused These Icicles To Form Sideways

Image source: MrWiggless-

#25 Winter Almost Gave Me A Parking Ticket… Glad I Could Put In The Quarters After Hitting It A Few Times

Image source: Crispy-Snax

#26 Trying To Fry An Egg In Antarctica

Image source: cyprienverseux

#27 Left This Homemade Fruit Drink On The Porch And Forgot To Bring It Home

Image source: purestereo

#28 Mildly Claustrophobic This Morning. Otherwise, Slushie Anyone?

Image source: Davidcfmo

#29 The River By Me Flooded, Then Froze, Then The Water Receded Leaving These Hovering Ice Shelves On The Trees

Image source: RegalBeartic

#30 Found A Frozen Car Wash In Round Rock, TX. Many Are Left On During The Winter, And Simple Soap/Water Can Cause This To Happen

Image source: SickNumbles

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