20 Times People Tried Their Hand At Cooking Christmas Dinner And Failed

Published 2 years ago

Holidays are an amazing time to connect with family and friends. Thus, people want to celebrate this occasion in the best ways possible. Preparing homemade food for their loved ones is one of those activities that people love doing during Christmas.

However, for some people, cooking a Christmas dinner is a challenge, but they still try their best. This Christmas, many people shared their funny failures on this subreddit. Check out some of the most hilarious ones in the gallery below.

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#1 Cheesecake Buttholes For A Christmas Party

Image source: ImFromMarsTo

#2 My Daughter Asked For A Pancake Shaped Like A Christmas Stocking. I Very Much Failed

Image source: JephriB

#3 Merry Christmas

Image source: pkkballer22

#4 I’ve Been Thinking What To Cook For Christmas This Year???

Image source: brightercook

#5 Getting Ready For Christmas With A Classy Gingerbread House

Image source: reddit.com

#6 Christmas Sweater Pizza

Image source: NadaCJ

#7 My Mom Made Jabba The Ham For Christmas

Image source: vanadium_sky

#8 I’d Just Like To Show Off My Christmas Pizza Before It Gets Fucked Up In The Oven ?

Image source: biohazardhoe

#9 Mum Kicked Me Out Of The House This Week And Cancelled Christmas. Here’s My Own Christmas Pavlova After Lamb Shanks At The Hotel I’m Staying

Image source: BBHMM007

#10 Tim Hortons Special Holiday Polar Bear Dream Donut. Nailed It!

Image source: brotononreddit

#11 I Made Christmas Candle Salad For My Family. Because Bananas In Cranberry Jello Stars, Topped With Almonds And Dripping Mayonnaise, Were A Normal Thing In 1958

Image source: perfectionsalad

#12 Happy Holidays

Image source: RabbitCommercial5057

#13 My Mom’s Christmas Cookies Didn’t Come Out Like She’d Anticipated

Image source: iia

#14 I Had One Mushroom, Two Pieces Of Salami, Some Dough, Sauce And Cheese. Merry Christmas!

Image source: boobdoodler69420

#15 I Got A Breakfast Sandwich Maker For Christmas

Image source: funkalismo

#16 Merry Christmas

Image source: AlexS101

#17 My 11 Year Old’s Christmas Cookie

Image source: u16173

#18 Boyfriend Was Confused Why He Had A Tin Of Pineapple And Candied Cherries In His Stocking But He’d Told Me Once How Much He Likes Both, So For Christmas I Used Them To Make My First Ever Pineapple Upside-Down Cake For Him :)

Image source: Catmeow82

#19 My Friend’s Mom Made Christmas Bread

Image source: Beanz122

#20 Ramen House. Happy Holidays

Image source: yik_yaking

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